Tuesday 6 September 2016

Liz Earle New Botanical Essence No.9 Eau de Parfum

There are some fantastic now launches coming from Liz Earle, especially the Christmas collection, but today I have two to share with you.  Now whenever I am gifted, given or sent a product, I like to try it out before it appears on the blog, it is rare that I will just post about something. Why? Because I like to think people want to know what I thought of something when I tried it as opposed to the regurgitation of a press release.
Liz Earle New Botanical Essence No.9 Eau de Parfum
You can never ever have too many perfumes in my humble opinion and in my lifetime I have only ever, until now, tried one from Liz Earle and that was Botanical Essence No.20 which I absolutely adored.  Now Botanical Essence No.9 has arrived and I simply adore it.  It started off that I quite liked the fragrance and now I cannot get enough of it and the description is equally divine:

"Capturing the unique energy that you feel moments after a rainstorm, as the clouds part and the sun begins to warm the forest floor. New Botanical Essence No.9 Eau de Parfum takes the wearer on a mysterious olfactive journey right to the fragrant heart of a lush and verdant lanscape, laden with the scent of ripened berries".
Liz Earle New Botanical Essence No.9 Eau de Parfum
Liz Earle New Botanical Essence No.9 Eau de Parfum
What I love about this scent is that it is a beautiful mixture of fresh citrus, woodiness and floral notes all come together to make what is a scent that is an all year round amazing fragrance. As soon as you spritz the fragrance you instantly get a hit of fruity zesty notes and as it settles the floral and fruity notes come to life before finally settling on the skin for the woody warm finish. The fragrance is broken down into Top, Heart and Base notes as follows:

  • Top notes: blackcurrant bud, bergamot and red ginger  which give a fresh, fruity, juicy, crisp and zesty result
  • Heart: Osmanthus, Damask rose and patchouli which bring to life the spicy, floral, fruity, and sensual fragrance
  • Base notes: Haitian vetiver and oakmoss absolute vanilla finally settle to give a smoky, woody, warm, and rich finish
I also love that this fragrance has lastability. It is one that you can spray in a morning before leaving for work and one you can still smell on your way home. For me, the heart notes make this an amazing scent, the Damask Rose working alongside Patchouli are the scents I can detect the most.

If you are a fan of Liz Earle Eau de Parfum then you will know that they are perfect for layering and again, this is something I do all of the time.  For me No.9 works incredibly well with No.20 and they work because so many natural notes are used.  For anyone who has never tried layering perfumes, then definitely do, there is nothing quite like finding your own signature scent and who wants to smell like everyone else anyway?

Liz Earle New Botanical Essence No.9 Eau de Parfum is available nationwide from the flagship stores, Boots and John Lewis from September but if you really want to try it now, then QVC might just have it in stock!

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