Thursday, 18 February 2016

How To Choose The Right Lipstick Colour

The perfect lipstick colour has the ability to pull together the whole makeup. Choosing the wrong shade, on the other hand, could make even the most perfect look seem awkward. If you find yourself spending hours at the store choosing the right color, or if you just can't seem to work out a foolproof system when it comes to buying lipstick, this article will help to take some of the frustration out of choosing a shade and will bring some of the fun back into your makeup shopping! 

Keep in mind that lipsticks come in a vast variety of shades as well as price ranges. Whether you choose to splurge on products from high-end brands or find the perfect color from a trusted drugstore brand, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort with the help of the suggestions below. You can also save big by staying on the lookout for the latest coupons or discount vouchers that can make even the most high-end cosmetics so much more affordable. Just go to and browse the offer of such stores as Sephora or Neiman Marcus, and you'll be sure to find something good for yourself! 

Understanding Your Skin Tone 
Does your skin have a warm or cool undertone? The answer to this question generally determines what shades will look best with your complexion. If you're unsure about your skin's undertone, there are two easy ways to figure this out: 1) determine the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist; if they appear blue or purple, you have a cool undertone, and if they appear green, you have a warm undertone; 2) perform the gold-silver test; if gold jewelry looks better on your skin than silver then you probably have a warm undertone, and vice versa. As a rule, warm colors (soft neutrals, warm reds, etc.) look best on warm skin tones, and cooler colors (shades with purple or blue tones) tend to flatter cool skin tones. 

Choosing The Perfect “Everyday” Colour 
It's important to understand that there isn't just one everyday colour that works perfectly for everyone. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a lipstick shade is picking one that you thought looked great on someone else. An everyday color is typically subtle, so a good rule to follow is to choose one that is just a few shades deeper than the natural shade of your lips. Remember, darker lipsticks will make your lips look smaller, while lighter ones can have a plumping effect, so choose accordingly! 

Pulling Together A Look 
When getting ready to go out, don't feel tempted to match your lipstick too closely to your outfit – this rarely turns out to be a flattering look! Instead choose a complimentary color a few shades lighter or darker than the main one in the color-scheme. As far as the rest of your make-up goes, it's generally a good idea to either go with dramatic lips or dramatic eyes – going for both usually results in an exaggerated look. 

Perfecting The Art Of Lipstick Shopping 
Most stores will let you try on a lipstick before making a purchase, so don't be too shy to try out one and, when possible, take advantage of the chance to get professional advice from sales associates – they're likely to give you an honest opinion about what shade would suit you best. 

The next time you're shopping for the perfect lipstick colour, don't forget about our suggestions. The more you put the above tips to practice, the more confidence you'll have in your own ability to choose the best shade!



  1. I'm terrible at finding the right lipstick for me so thanks for the tips! x

  2. These are great tips, thank! I don't usually wear lipstick but in the last few months it is something that I am trying to get used too.

    Lilla x

  3. That's very true. I do prefer to try on lipsticks before I buy and am keen to keep away from light pinks/nudes because I feel like I already have a baby face so don't want it to make me look even younger than I already am!

    I'm a little sad because as it's turned cold I can't wear any lipstick at the moment because my lips get sore and crack! :( always using vaseline at the moment - stupid weather.

    Hope you're all good lovely x

    Alina lifestyle blog

  4. Great post! I love helping people pick the right lipstick shades, and that there is a perfect shade of 'red' for everyone. Great tips on finding whether your skin tone is warm or cool too. x

  5. yup, i agree on these tips. I bought some lipsticks without trying them, and they turned out to be horrible on my lips..i know better now for sure

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  7. I actually never knew that tip about finding out your skin tone type. I immediately looked at the veins on my arm! Great post, thanks for the tips! x

  8. These are great tips, I have never found a lipstick shade I think suits but I think that's because I have been going for the wrong shades to suit my skin type! So thanks for the tips!

  9. These are fab tips. I'm sure I've been picking the wrong colours for my skin tone. I didn't realise lighter colours had more plumping/bigger visual effect. X

  10. I never wear lipstick as I don't think it suits me but with these tips maybe i will find some

  11. It's the one thing I can never choose so thank you for the tips.

  12. I just figured out from your post that I have warm tone and since I am always wearing warm red lipsticks I am on the right track, how cool is that.

  13. I always go for muted tones as I am terribly afraid of looking like a scarecrow if using too bright a lipstick :-)!xx

  14. This is so useful as I'm never sure which colour would suit me so tend to stick to lip glosses to be on the safe side!

  15. I do love a good lipstick only in recent years have I embraced colour on my lips though as opposed to just lip balms. Although I'm not entirely sure as what colours suit me well. Thank you for your tips x


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