Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Top 3 Sexiest Horror Costumes

It’s that time of year again…Halloween! Have you decided on what to wear for this year’s hottest Halloween parties yet? One of the biggest questions many women face when it comes to choosing the perfect Halloween costume is a theme. Some may want to go a traditional Halloween route and pick out a horror costume while others may be more interested in having sexy Halloween costumes to show off their hot body. However, did you know that you can choose both? Here are our top picks for the sexiest horror costumes this year.

1. Dark Angel/Gothic Vampire Costume – This unique costume can be worn in two different ways making it perfect if you’re planning to hit up multiple Halloween parties this season. Wear it with the wings for a sexy dark angel look. Or, remove the wings and add some fangs for a sexy, seductive vampire look. It’s definitely a darker, scarier twist on the typical innocent angel costume that many other girls may choose. However, that just means you’ll look more exotic and stand out against the crowd! This costume could also work well as half of a couples costume. Have your significant other dress up in a devil’s costume with a mask or if you’re wearing it as a vampire costume, have your partner go as Dracula. Or, you could even go with a friend and have one of you be the good angel and the other the dark angel.

2. Queen of Darkness Costume – It seems like every girl wants to be a Disney princess these days. Walk into any given Halloween party and you’ll be sure to find a whole sea of them. You may even see a bunch of girls dress up as the different princesses together. But where’s the horror that Halloween was made famous for? Why be a princess when you can be a queen? This queen of darkness costume will allow you to remind everyone that Halloween is supposed to be a bit scary. However, with the tight faux leather fit and mini dress and skirt --- you’ll also have the opportunity to show everyone just how sexy you can really be. Princesses are pretty --- but the Queen of darkness oozes of sexy, mysterious gothic appeal.

3. Red Illuminaughty Sexy Costumes – There’s never anything nice about a devil. They are supposed to be a bit scary. However, this may just be the sexiest devil costume we’ve ever seen. With its plunging neckline, tight silk fit, short shorts, and long boots, you’ll be sure to capture the attention of even the purest angel at the Halloween party. You’ll look so smoking hot that people will almost forget that you’re a devil and devils are anything but nice. Now, don’t be too hard on those poor, innocent souls you plan to steal….

What is the sexiest horror costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween? Would you try any of these costumes? Leave a comment letting us know which one is your favorite! 

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  1. Wow these are all amazing halloween costumes - love the dark angle one - would love to have wings!

    Laura x

  2. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in so long I couldn't tell you what the last costume was I wore but I definitely prefer the first costume on the left!! I can't imagine squeezing into that red devil one at all lol :-/ xx


  3. I love the first one! I can't wait for my costume to arrive. This year I am being a shipwrecked ghost piratey thing :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. They look great, I find at Halloween you can always find sexy costumes but I need to dress up for helping out at my sons school disco and I'm finding it hard to find reasonable length ones!

  5. I have to be honest -I have never ever dressed up for Hallowe'en, and haven't dressed up since I was at preschool!

  6. love those wings! I think I need them...

  7. Love the Dark Angel one! Totally stunning!

  8. Oh boy... don't make me pick! lol

  9. I can never find any halloween costumes for adults - I don't want sexy ones when trick or treating with the kids

  10. Not my cup of tea ~ but they are ok for that sort of adult halloween party !

  11. Oh I wish I could pull one of these off, alas my body fails me!


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