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Cosmetic Surgery Facts and Fiction

With millions of people around the world undergoing elective cosmetic surgery every year and stories in the media about celebrities going underneath the knife appearing on a daily basis, you’d imagine that our knowledge of plastic surgery was greater than ever.

In fact, muddling through the attention-grabbing headlines can make separating fact from fiction difficult at times. The best place to get answers for your individual questions is always from a qualified surgeon during your one to one consultation, but in the meantime we’ve sorted the facts from the fiction.   
You can’t breastfeed with implants – Fiction


Many women that have had breast augmentation surgery are able to successfully breastfeed their baby. However, there is always the possibility that cosmetic surgery will affect your ability to breastfeed, so it’s vital that you discuss your concerns with a surgeon during a consultation so you have a clear understanding of any potential problems.
Cosmetic surgery is for vain, shallow people – Fiction

People choose to have cosmetic surgery for any number of reasons – sometimes that reason is simply because they want to look a certain way, but that doesn’t mean that the only thing that person values is their looks. If this was the case we’d have to assume that anybody who chose to have tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles or wear certain clothes or makeup purely to look a certain way were also just vain. The argument is a hangover from misguided stigma that is disappearing rapidly.

Cosmetic surgery is high risk – Fiction

There is always the risk of complications in any surgical procedure, and if your cosmetic surgeon doesn’t highlight the potential risks you should take this as a warning sign. However, as long as you find a reputable surgeon who holds your well-being as their number one priority the risk during cosmetic surgery will be minimal. To ensure you’ll be well looked after make sure you choose a surgeon registered with a national body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS in the UK.

Having cosmetic surgery abroad can save you lots of money – Fiction

While it’s true that the cost of the surgical procedure itself might be cheaper abroad there is no guarantee it will save you money – especially when things go wrong. With a 16.5% complication rate for cosmetic surgery holidays there’s every chance you could end up paying more once back at home to correct any problems.

You’ll be left with gruesome scars - Fiction

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to leave minimal scarring, so while some scarring is inevitable it will often be unnoticeable. For example, breast augmentation scars are kept out of view in the crease of the breast or in the armpits, while facelift scars practically disappear along the hairline. As always, if you’re worried about the scars you’ll be left with after surgery raise these concerns with your surgeon during a consultation.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular for men – Fact

People of all walks of life with all sorts of lifestyles choose to have different types of cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons – and a growing number of men having procedures ranging from breast reduction to tummy tucks and face lifts are testament to this. The common assumption that cosmetic surgery is just for women has long been on the decline – and with good reason, as in 2013 almost 10% of cosmetic procedures in the UK were on men. These 4,757 procedures represent a 16% increase on 2012 and the trend looks set to continue.

Being informed about cosmetic surgery is key to satisfaction - Fact

One of the most significant factors affecting your satisfaction with cosmetic surgery is how informed you are. So do a bit of research online about the specific procedure you want, and be prepared to ask questions at a consultation. Knowing what to expect from surgery and the recovery process, as well as having realistic expectations about the changes your body or face will undergo, will ensure your experience with cosmetic surgery is a satisfied one.

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  1. Really helpful post. I would consider it in some circumstances but it's something I'd really have to think about as I'm a woos when it comes to having any surgery

  2. Really enjoyed reading the post, I'm not sure I would be brave enough unless it was for tummy area.

  3. Informative and helpful post. It's refreshing to read a fact full article that is not biased by popular beliefs crap you see all over the net :)

  4. If I could afford it I'd like my nose straightened. I have nothing against surgery and think it can be done very well with excellent results.

  5. As some one who has undergone failed cosmetic surgery. I feel that I would suggest people talk to a couple of reputable surgeons before even considering it

  6. I would love it but would never be brave enough to do it x

  7. I'd never consider it, far too scary sounding!!!

  8. A very informative and helpful post. Not sure I would be brave enough, but then I don't have any major worries I guess!

  9. It's not for me but then I haven't even got my ears pierced!

  10. I don't think I could have cosmetic surgery unless it was health related.... I am too much of a wimp!

  11. I would consider it - I am currently saving for laser treatment on my rosacea

  12. I've known women have it for medical reasons but I think I'm a bit too old for it now, I'm embracing the sag!

  13. Extremely well written and informative post! I have had a couple of procedures myself and I always share my experience with my clients so they are not afraid to have it done and/or realize anyone can have it done!

  14. While I can understand the benefits in cases of disfigurement that have a negative effect on someone's self esteem, I think a preoccupation with appearance that leads someone to consider risking surgery is indicative of a deeper problem.
    While tattoos and piercings carry their own dangers, I don't think something as invasive and potentially harmful as cosmetic surgery is a fair comparison, and as someone who experienced eating disorders in her youth, I worry for my two daughters about the effects of this excess importance society places on appearance.


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