Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Blogging Essentials for being on the go!

I have a full time job which is often more than 9am-5pm and it is one which is quite challenging, so at times making some time for blogging becomes quite difficult, I can often be travelling on the tube for hours on end and when I am, I like to make the most of that time and use it constructively.  

So when I am out and about, I tend to ensure I have a few essentials with me that should an idea pop into my head, I have something to write it down on or in and should a photo opportunity arise, even better.

These are the things you are always likely to find in my bag.

My Filofax - I love the design of my Filofax, there is something about the birdcages which I really love and because of its size, it is perfect for every handbag I own.  Everything I do and every place I have to be is written down within this Filofax from meetings, dates with friends and blog events, if I lose it I will be well and truly up the spout.  I bought it to try and get out of the habit of using my iPhone as my calender as it drove me insane when alerts didn't go off, so instead I use it alongside and inside at the back is a jotting pad.

Pens - I tend to have a few pens in my bag, I love pens of all varieties especially gel pens as I find them really easy to write with.  I also always have a highlighter, usually green and a coloured pen which I use to underline.

A notepad - I am obsessed with notebooks and have made reference to their importance in my life on this blog so many times.  It is so nice to sit down with a proper pen rather than a keypad or keyboard and write things, quite old school I know, but I do it quite a lot.  I can be on the train, at work, in bed, down the park, on a bus, on the tube and even in the bath and there is always a notepad to hand.  The one shown above is where I write all my blog posts ideas and actually where this post originates from.  But for many years I have always kept a notepad and pen by the bed because you know when you wake up, usually in the middle of the night with a fab idea only to wake up in the morning to forget it, well not anymore - ta-da!

Sticky notes - Something else I am obsessed with.  I have and use so many post-it notes in all different shapes and sizes.  They are mainly used for referencing things I have written down when it comes to blogging and each colour denotes something different (I am that organised) such as:

Blue - Blog post ideas to finish
Green - Photos I need to take
Yellow - Lists I need to finish
Pink - Ideas list
Orange - Reminders

Camera - I have recently invested in a Canon E0S1000D camera which I use more and more frequently to take shots for my blog.  I am still currently learning what all the functions do, so until I am confident on how to use it, I stick with my trusty faithful Fujifilm Finepix which isn't the best camera but it does take pretty decent pictures and when I am out and about it can come in really handy when I need to take some photos, rather than rely on my iPhone, which I am still doing.

So those are the things I always have in my bag just incase I am stranded somewhere on public transport, have a spare few minutes, come up with an idea for my blog, have opportunities to take impromptu pictures, need distracting and so on.

What are your blogging essentials for being on the go? 


  1. Ahh I love your cats notepad! I literally just carry a notepad and pan and that's it! :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  2. Fab post! You are wayyy more organised than me. xx

  3. Great ideas, you're so organised! I need to take a leaf out of your book :)

    Meg at Meg Says

  4. My iPad for sure, it takes great pictures and means I can be mobile (I just duck into somewhere with free Wifi if needed and grab a coffee!)

  5. I need to get more organised with my blogging. This post makes me want to get it together haha

  6. I just take my ipad mini - it does everything all those items do, in one compact case :D xx

    Gemma //

  7. You blog pretty well for someone who has to handle a job :) Lovely post too! I find that using colours and sticky notes really helps <3

  8. How organised! My essential is my iphone, because I update my blog page from there

  9. You're very organised! I am inspired to get myself a filofax now and stop using my iPhone. The battery always dies when I need to check my diary! x


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