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Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal Salon

Last week I was very lucky to go be invited along to the Easton Regal Salon Clerkenwell to try out a treatment called 'The Micro Mist'.   The salon itself is rather quirky from the outside as it sits right on the edge of St John's square it is both tranquil yet manic all in one go.  Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal SalonMicro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal Salon
Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal Salon

Inside the salon it was nothing at all like I expected it to be.  I was expecting to find a nice quaint little salon but in its place was a huge gallery like space with the most amazing decor and the cutest little dog called Teddy, I have ever seen.  All of the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming and really attentive, which for me is a huge plus because there is nothing worse than going into a salon for the first time and being told to simply sit and wait.Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal SalonMicro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal Salon
Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal Salon

So the treatment, The Micro Mist comes all the way from Japan and the machine used is said to have taken over to years to develop and perfect!  Slightly different to any other treatment that I have ever had in salon, where a lotion or potion is applied to the hair, some clingfilm put over the top and then you are put under a heater for 5-10 minutes wondering whether or not it has melted into your hair (I can't be the only one??). Instead the machine under which you are placed, looks totally space age which you can see below:

Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Easton Regal Salon

So what is it and how does it work? It uses the power of water to penetrate deep into your hair, in doing so it swells your hair and allows the treatment to work much better by locking it into your hair, instead of just sitting on it.  A treatment is applied to your hair once it has been separated into sections and then you are placed under the machine for around 6 minutes, during those 6 minutes this happens:

Convenient steamers boil water at 100 degrees to create steam. However the height of this temperature often causes more damage to the hair than it repairs. The micro mist system is different as it doesn't steam water; it uses ultra sound to generate mist and warms it in accordance to your hair type; keeping the temperature far below 100 degrees.

The micro mist treatment main functions are:
  • Hot wind - for warming up
  • Hot fog - for helping hair absorb nutriments via utilizing the energy generated through cavitations effect.
  • Cold fog - for helping the hair cortex absorb nutriments by adapting the quantum technique
  • Ozone - for sterilizing and disinfecting
  • Aromatic remedy - purifying the hair with water
I was told that it will make my hair silky, stronger and give it an amazing gloss, all of which it most definitely did and that the affects will last for 7-10 days.  Well after 8 days I can still see a huge difference in the silkiness of my hair and when I have washed it, left it to dry and then straightened it, the ease of doing that is amazing. No flyaway hair, just lovely straight hair with a bit of volume and a lot of shine.

I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone, it is like nothing I have ever had before, it is fun to watch and the results are as long lasting as you are told they would be.  You can read more about Easton Regal Salon and their treatments by going to their Website.

Have you ever tried anything like this or have you had this treatment?


  1. Wow, this sounds so weird but a good idea at the same time. I think my hair needs something like this!

  2. Oh wow this is strange! But a good idea!

  3. This sounds so strange! but if it works, why not?

    Life’s a highway

  4. Looks a bit weird but it sounds amazing! Would love to treat my badly behaved hair to something like this Rachel! xx


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