Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Organise and Organising

One aspect of my job is to organise events and they can be for a broad spectrum of people both in house which means hiring chairs, projectors, organising catering facilities and in many cases marquees and gazebos to go outside.  Other times it is hiring a venue, finding a suitable restaurant , hotel or banqueting suite depending upon the client and function.

One event that is being organised later this summer is an Annual Barbecue and it is for people from all walks of life, I need a suitable outdoor marquee that fits my requirements as well as chairs, tables and sorting out some of the decorations.  I also organise some conferences and for that I naturally need venues of a much bigger space and sometimes some temporary structures to go with it.

Neptunus Structures  are one of the largest providers of marquees, semi-permanent and temporary accommodation worldwide.  They have a history which spans 75 years and they thankfully supply everything you can think of for all types of events, whether it is a marquee, accommodation for top events or something which is demountable for numerous semi-permanent applications, you name it they supply it.  Everything you need to know is displayed clearly on their website for you to read and it isn't written with lots of jargon, it is straightforward and easy to read.

So organising all of this can be stressful, time consuming not to mention hard work and when you need someone to help you out, I would prefer to go to someone who has a much better understanding of how the organisational side of things work, whom I can give my requirements too and leave them to get on with it.

Written in collaboration with Neptunus Structures


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  2. Wow I love the first photo. With all those twinkling lights they look like stars popping over from www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk


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