Saturday, 3 May 2014

You know you're a Beauty Blogger when...

I thought this might be a fun post and I am sure many of you reading this can add to it in the comment section... You know you're a Beauty Blogger when...

* The last thing you do before going to bed is check your social media, emails and comments 

*The first thing you do in the morning before getting out of bed is check your social media, emails and comments and double check after getting out of the shower before getting dressed


*You buy a new product you have been lusting after for ages and can't use it immediately because you need to photograph it

*You have products in a *to review* box which contains all the new purchases you have but cannot use until they have featured on your blog and photographed them

*Your Camera is added to the list of things you cannot leave the house without

*You take random photos everywhere and of everything just incase you can use them for a future post

*When the sunshine comes out, you grab everything within your *to review box* and spend as much time as you can taking photographs

*You have a carrier bag in your bathroom/bedroom for empties to blog about

*Your food is more often than not served cold because after cooking it you have spent 10 minutes in the kitchen photographing them before serving and putting it on Instagram and Twitter

*You arrange to meet friends near Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams etc... arrive early just so you can 'nip in' and swatch things

*You have notebooks, post-it notes, pieces of paper everywhere filled with scribbles of blog ideas that come to you at random moments throughout the day/night and in the weirdest of places

*You can't walk into Boots when a 3 for 2 offer is on and leave with less than 6-9 items

*You can't walk into Boots, Superdrug or any other department store without swatching every new item, regardless of whether or not you would actually buy it

*You know what the Beauty Blogger Claw means

*The postman complains about the number of packages he has to deliver to you and assumes you have a shopping addiction - unlike mine who now knows what I do because he Googled BeautyqueenUK which appears on most packages!

*When a friend says they have ordered a new MAC, you immediately check to see if you have missed the launch of a new lipstick or collection rather than the Apple Website

*Your cats are no longer camera shy and accept that everything they do is cute and you will photograph it

*The word Beauty Box has you all excited

*If it has the words 'Limited Edition' you need to have it

*The idea of putting things such as Bee Venom, Snail Gel and Horse placenta on your face and body is secretly exciting

*You quite happily buy 4 issues of one magazine to get all the freebies

*You plan your spending bans around IMATS and New Releases

*You can tell what shade of lipstick a celebrity is wearing without having to Google it

*You know what #BBlogger means and you hashtag it for everything

*You find it is acceptable to have 5 lipsticks, 4 hand creams, 2 empty Lush pots, mascaras, 7 lipglosses and a billion perfume samples in your bag because you might just need them

*You can use your iPhone to apply your make-up perfectly

*You get home to a Royal Mail Card you feel angry and obsess about what is in the package and the following morning are outside the Sorting Office before it has opened

*You refer to other Bloggers at events by their Blog name rather than their actual name - I am always doing this!

*Your recycling pile begins to look something like this at the end of each week

* When booking a holiday you look to see if there is a Sephora 

*You to-do list actually contains items of make-up you need to buy as opposed to things that need to be done

So there is my (little) list, have I missed anything that you feel should be added? What would you add to this list?! 


  1. This is hilarious! Love this! Im definitely guilty of most of these! I'd also add that:

    You know you're a beauty blogger when... You have a carrier bag NEXT TO your bedroom bin to save up empties for your 'Monthly Empties Post' !

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  2. This is so funny and so true! What a strange world it must seem to outsiders..

    Jess xo

  3. Love this!! I'm not a #BBlogger but some of these things also apply to me - taking my camera everywhere, the royal mail card, the postman thinking I've got a shopping addiction (as well as the neighbours!) I actually had a conversation about it with my neighbours, I was all "Nooo, they're products to review and competition wins!!" lol.
    Fab post Rachel. x x x

  4. So very true.... Plus when your beauty products invade the whole house from kitchen, dining table, coffee table...

  5. Love it Rachel! Agree with all of this as well as the comment above re beauty products stored in every available nook and cranny of the house! xx

  6. I love the recycling pile! I'm loving this post. My family is starting to think I'm some sort of obsessive beauty hoarder.

  7. The one about buying a product and not using it until you've photographed it it so true! I definitely do this :) xx

  8. Love this and its so true, I even sit in the garden waiting for the sun to appear from the clouds ha ha. Great post :) x

  9. Oh dear, I can relate to almost all of these haha! Great, fun post to read, I loved it! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  10. haha the worst is definitely not being able to use products until you've taken pictures!! xx

  11. Haha I just loved this post very fun :) I can totally agree with most of these xx
    Real Techniques Core Collection Giveaway

  12. All of these are so so true oh my!!

  13. So many true statements here hahaa! This one was me today 'When the sunshine comes out, you grab everything within your *to review box* and spend as much time as you can taking photographs'

  14. haha love it! My hubby took exception to my huge box pile and chucked half of it out - and I didn't notice! I tweet before my morning shower! x

  15. Haha I love this! I fall under so many of these points!

    Kate | Beautiboe

  16. This made me laugh so much, thank you for sharing. xx


  17. Haha the postman one! Mine too thinks I'm a crazy shopaholic, he has yet to figure it out though!

  18. Totally agree with all of the above.....he....he.....such a funny breed the beauty blogger lol xx

  19. AMAZING post! Love it hahahahahaha.


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  20. Haha this is so true and pretty true for most bloggers of any kind I think! I spend my life introducing myself as 'Keeley aka Phat Cupcake... yes with a P.H' ;)


  21. haha love this! The thing that made me giggle the most was the while you were out card, husband goes crazy as he has to pick my stuff up for me. If I say I don't know what it is he will say in that case I can wait a few days, he doesn't understand that I need it right away because I am super excited about what it may be! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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