Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fenttiman Luxury Candles

The best description of a candle I have ever read is "Flickering, aromatic candles are truly something to savour. They wreathe a room with wonderful scents and decorate it with dancing light. Suffusing the air with mood-lifting fragrances. Whether you want to create an aura that's calm and contemplative or welcoming and sociable, these candles are a touch of luxury for every day". I couldn't put it better myself and that is exactly why I am totally obsessed with having candles lit and why I go through so many of them.

The Fenttiman range Candles are something that is new to me and when I was given the opportunity to try and test one to review, I jumped at the chance. Not a brand I had heard of before, I eagerly went off to read about them only to be really impressed with their website. Without a doubt, a very prestigious and luxurious brand, Fenttimans candles are handcrafted here in Britain and they have a beautiful array of fragrances and scents for both sexes and quite possibly most settings and events you can think of.

When this candle arrived, my reaction was "Wow" it was so beautifully packaged I actually didn't want to remove it from its packaging and here you can see why:

Fenttiman Luxury Candles

Each Fenttiman candle is said to sent in this signature purple box which is adorned with a white ribbon and you can see quite clearly the companys Coat of Arms clearly emblazoned on the box. The inside contents of the box is equally exquisite.

Fenttiman Luxury Candles

Fenttiman Luxury Candles

Set inside the box is this beautiful handcrafted candle in this glass holder. The scent I have is Orange and Lavender which I can only describe as being wonderfully relaxing. The actual description is as follows:

"The zesty and floral qualities of this candle make it perfect to rejuvenate and liven any home. A great candle for all year round"

This is one of those scents which does and will smell wonderful all year round, whether it is for those dark winter nights when you want to come home, close the curtains and forget the outside world, or whether you are home in the middle of the summer and want to relax from the sun outside.  Each candle has a burn time of around 45 hours and once they have been lit, it takes around 20-30 minutes for the full scent to become really noticeable and once the candle has been extinguished, the scent lingers for a good few hours.

I would happily purchase any one of the candles from the range and there is so much to choose from such as Lemongrass and Mint, Magnolia and Bay, Lime, Basil and Mandarin to name but a few.  There are also candles for the man in your life and again they have some amazing scents such as Nutmeg and Geranium which sounds equally wonderful.

You can find more about this range by clicking HERE.


  1. I moved into my new flat maybe 5ish weeks ago, and I've filled my bedroom with candles. This sounds like the perfect one to light after a hard days work, and just drift away to. Heroine In Heels

  2. These look lovely, however, I could never spend £200 on a candle, that's just insane!


  3. How lovely! I bet it smells gorgeous!

    Emma x

  4. sounds lovely! adore scented candles x


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