Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pack for the perfect holiday | Beachwear & sunshine essentials

Everyone I know seems to have a holiday booked and my Instagram is packed full of people showcasing their countdown clocks to the big day itself when they board that plane, meanwhile I sit here dreaming of my dream destination and perhaps even a long weekend around a British seaside town where I am most at ease and less stressed.

With summer just around the corner (hopefully) and holidays on the horizon, most shops I have walked in to within the last week have had their 'Summer Essentials' put right at the front of the store so you cannot fail to miss them.
Items such as bikinis, beach towels, suntan cream, flip slops, hats, sarongs, you name it, it is there for you to want, need and buy.

Accessorize have put together this short video to help you pack for that perfect holiday and discover a chic holiday style for every look under the sun with a selection of items from their Beach Shop.

I am one of those last minute shoppers for the essentials, though if I am only going away for a few days, I have light packing down to an absolute art.  That said, I still haven't bought a single item and I am away for a few days in June.

Have you got a holiday coming up?  Do you shop around to find the perfect outfits for everyday and every night to wear whilst you are away?  Don't forget to go to Accessorize.



  1. Travelling light is a thing of the past for me - three children seem to need so much *stuff*. I remember going to Cyprus for a fortnight with just carry on luggage - if only that was still possible these days. I went to Toulouse last year with a 5 month old - 2 suitcases, a car seat, moses basket, 2 carry on bags ... and we only went for 5 days

  2. I love a couple of the sunhats in the vid. I want a really big flouncy one but I think I'd look a tit lol. x

  3. So many lovely accessories! We don't have a holiday booked this year sadly. x


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