Thursday, 20 March 2014

Glossybox - March 2014 Edition

So my Glossybox has arrived for March and this month I used my Glossydots to get it and having seen a few other posts, I was hoping I would get some of the products they got.

Again, this month is a themed box and it is called Beauty Blossom and Glossybox have said in their magazine that now we can put winter behind us, shed the tights and black wardrobe to welcome in spring.  So to celebrate the season of changed, they have curated a Beauty Blossom theme for march.  So this is my box.

Glossybox - March 2014 Edition

Glossybox - March 2014 Edition

Glossybox - March 2014 Edition

Glossybox - March 2014 Edition

My first thoughts are hmmm... I didn't get the serum which ive seen in a few boxes and I quite liked the look of that because I am quite obsessed with serums right now. So this is a breakdown of what is in the box.

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream - With English Honey, Organic Cocoa, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter, this Mitchell and Peach body cream is perfect to leave you feeling as though you've taken a walk in the English Countryside.  A 40ml sample is included in my box and a full sized 180ml would cost £36.  So at a rought guess this sample is worth around £8

Sleek Make-up Pout Polish and I have the shade Bare Minimum - This tinted balm is full of nourishment and has SPF15, almond oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, it will leave  your pout looking perfect.  The shade is a sort of peachy brown nude but when you use it, it is more of a clear gloss and I actually quite like it. This is a full sized product and has an RRP of £4.49

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer Powder and I have Beige as my choice - This 100% pure Mica shimmering eye shadow will provide you with a long lasting vibrant colour without smearing, creasing or fading.  I am not new to Bellapierre make-up, I have a fair collection and happen to think it is pretty fantastic, so this is a nice little edition and it is also a full sized product which retails for £12.99

So those are the main items for me, three alright ones that I will use.  Now onto the products which frankly I probably won't use and feel a bit cheated about.

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 second shot - Hmm well... I don't use Dove hair products because they leave my hair feeling lank and greasy and whilst this is a full sized 15ml tube which costs £1.49 it isn't something I would buy or indeed use.  I much prefer my label.m versions which leave my hair feeling wonderful.  But this is the second 'shot' from a High Street Brand I have had in a Glossybox, the first being Tresemme which I also didn't use as I am not a fan of the brand.

Then there is not one but TWO Juicy Couture perfume samples.  For me, the only good thing about them is the bright coloured cardboard packaging which caught my eye.   This is what Glossybox say about them:

"Meet us in Malibu with Juicy Couture's Malibu collection! This fragrance blends the spirit of carefree Cali with Glam LA and we love it.

Sadly I like neither scent, one is meant to be fruity and the other floral, all I can see is that I won't use them.

So all in all it is an alright box, three products I like and three samples that I don't like.

Did you get your Glossybox this month? What did you think to mine?


  1. I'm really disappointed with Glossy Box, and have been since about September. Not renewing my subscription just because I think there are better alternatives on the market.


  2. I was impressed with my Glossybox until I saw my colours, your colour selection is a lot better!

    I did get two sachets of fake tan which was pretty rubbish!


  3. I've not subscribed to any beauty boxes but some of them are going a bit cheaper end of the high st and don't seem to have as many links with brands that would be new and exciting to us all etc. But the shimmer powder sounds good.

  4. Hmmmm I always used to wish that Glossybox would give everyone the same stuff as the serum others have got definitely looks better! I also agree with Dove haircare products, they make my hair horribly greasy :( x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. This was Glossyboxes last chance to impress and sadly they haven't. I am cancelling. :( Such a shame.

  6. I've given up on beauty boxes. The only one I think is worth the money is souk souk. I only gave it up as I'm on a spending ban x

  7. This is the first box I didn't get in years, my sister did and I cannot say I was jealous of her for having it.
    Definitely glad I didn't get it.

    Juyey Xx

  8. I'm so glad I unsubscribed a while ago, Glossybox have gone down hill, plus I think perfume samples are such a cop out when you can get them in stores or magazines. Definitely think they should have put something else in instead or as well as those

    Kat xx

  9. Hi, cool review :) I got a similar box, but with fake tan samples instead of perfume, but both seem like such a waste of time... Glossybox has definitely gone down hill a bit over the past year, but my next box is free so I'll be giving them another chance next month to see if they can encourage me to carry on subscribing!!


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