Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Eye of Horus Teal Malachite Goddess Eye Pencil

Eye of Horus, for those of you who haven't heard of them or come across them, is an Australian cosmetic brand who have recently launched here in the UK, they want to awaken the Goddess in each and every woman.

As you can see, the brand is Egyptian inspired, with the products themselves being based on makeup used by the Egyptians. It all began when the ladies behind the brand, who suffered from sensitive eyes and fine brittle lashes, spent some time researching how the Ancient Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic eye make-up. So you won't be surprised to find that their products are paraben free and state that they used the ancient formula as a basis to make their eye makeup range to provide products which are long lasting, non irritating, nourishing and great for sensitive eyes, not to mention avoiding the use of nasty chemicals

The Goddess Eye pencils contain ingredients such as Beeswax, Candellia and Carnauba wax, all of which you can find on the back of the packaging. I was sent the Eye of Horus' Teal Malachite Goddess Eye Pencil* (£13) which is a beautiful vibrant Teal colour described as being:

"Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil. Mesmerize with ancient metallic malachite. Adorn and enhance your eyes with this hypnotic shimmering jewel – like formula

Gorgeous aquamarine / teal colour is perfect for day wear to illuminate eyes or get that eye popping effect for evening wear".

I absolutely love the colour teal when it comes to clothes because it is such a lovely shade of being not quite blue but not quite green, but somewhere in the middle. This eye pencil is an almost metallic shade and the crayon is really soft to use.

The pencil itself comes with a smudger on one end of the pencil to make blending the pencil under the eye a much easier task. However once you have blended it and it has set it doesn't budge all day and the colour doesn't fade at all. Whilst this is not the colour I would probably choose to wear because I have bright blue eyes and I am not sure it is a good match, I have tried and tested it and perhaps once I get to grips a little more with applying it properly, I will include further photos, but for the time being, I have swatched it so that you can see just how lovely the shade is. It is also waterproof, so ideal for wearing on the waterline as well as under the eye.

There are nine different shades to choose from with these pencils, definitely something for everyone ranging from Emerald Goddess, a brown shade, black and a stunning purple shade called Jewel Amethyst, all of which you can find online.

Have you tried any products from Eyes of Horus?


  1. I tried the purple one of this and loved it, the teal blue colour looks amazing and is perfect for summer!

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. Ooh wow, this colour looks gorgeous! I used to wear a liquid eyeliner that was similar to this colour (basically everyday, oops!) and had completely forgotten about it, but I adored the colour so I might have to get my hands on some of this :)

  3. what a beautiful colour blue, I need this in my life <3 thank you for my comment x

  4. What a lovely shade it is....really so pretty....:-)

  5. Nice shade and it looks very pigmented!


  6. I've never heard of this brand until now but the packaging is beautiful, not to mention the colour!


  7. Wow. The colours look gorgeous, would love to try these www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  8. Stunning colour, looks really lovely - like the fact it's got a smudger at the end xo

  9. I haven't heard of this brand but it sounds really interesting :) x

    Anna | On The Dressing Table

  10. Oh wow...How amazing is this shade!
    I have to say iv never heard of this brand but this product looks awesome. Iv always been told that blue or teal eyeliner suits me so i think maybe its time to try this product myself =D


  11. Fab post, I love eye of horus! I have the eye liner pen its great

    Laura x

  12. Wow, gorgeous blue !

  13. Good review. But sadly, I've never tried any products from Eyes of Horus.


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