Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wherefore Art thou?

One question a lot of people ask me is "what is there to do in London"  the answer which offers endless possibilities, even for those on a budget.  Living in London there are no end to things that you can do, visit and see and most of them are free.  One thing I love to do is to visit art galleries, a simple search on Google will tell you that there are over 1000 art galleries in London, some more well known than others and some specialising in certain collections and not as well known.

I am by no means an art expert and I don’t have a particular something that I like, though my favourite painting is Sunflowers by Van Gogh.  My own walls at home are a mish-mash of things I have liked, for example:

I have the bright coloured paint splatter which is actually an original painting done by The Blueman Group when I went to see them at the Theatre and I loved it so much my Husband bought it for me and it sits in my hallway on a white wall.  The next one, is a set of three photos of Manchester, my Husbands home and the final one is in my bedroom and is from Habitat and I simply liked the design.  The big space below represents a bare wall in my lounge, for which I am yet to find something to fill it and wondering around art galleries, always gives me ideas.  If there was one talent I wish I could have, it would be to be able to draw, I struggle when it comes to stickmen and at school art was never my strong point.

One of my favourite places to visit is The Saatchi Gallery on one of my favourite roads in London – The Kings Road and I have visited it many times and best of all admission is free.  Whether you love still life, abstract, surrealism or photography to name but a few different types, for me the Saatchi gallery has it all. I have spent many hours simply wandering around just looking and it is such a great way to escape the reality of life for a few hours and sit and wonder at some of the pieces on display. 

Source - A6 Wandering Line 1 by Tom Hendo

Source - painting by Paola Bazz titled Faces 5
Source - Find Out by Claire Desjardins
Source - Meridians by Lori Dell
Even if you cannot get to the actual gallery, all is not lost because you can also checkout new artists at, see what events are on, have a preview of some of the artwork on show, and there is also a shop which enables you to buy paintings and prints online.

Do you have a lot of art, photographs and pictures on your walls at home? 

 My aim has always been to fill the big empty space on my wall in the lounge, something I am yet to do.


  1. You have some lovely pictures!

    I have to admit I never enjoy art galleries :/


  2. I must admit I struggle to find art that I love enough to put in my house, I always end up putting pictures of my family up instead. I really need to get in to art more :) xx

  3. Great post! I love having pictures in my home, sort of run out of space for anymore but would love a Jamie Primrose if money was no object! x

  4. I have a lot of pictures in my house. And I bought some special prints for the kids new rooms as well. I just think that it looks so lovely. A friend of ours who has only been given a short time to live is selling some amazing photographs he's taken to earn some money to leave his wife and I really want this particular one for the new house but can't afford it at the mo. I'm secretly hoping that Nathan buys it for me for Valentines Day ;)

    Louise x

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