Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How do you treat your feet?

I may have mentioned once or twice (a lot) that I have a bit of a disliking for feet, but I put aside my dislikes and ensure, like the rest of my body, my feet are well taken care of, the very thought of having to go see a chiropodist makes sure of that.

Now there is nothing like a good pampering session, I love to come home, light the candles, dim the lights and get out my foot spa, slightly ancient though it is, it works and I have never been more thankful for it, especially if I have been on my feet all day and they are tired, throbbing and sore.  I have flat feet so more often than not I have some sort of gel heel support in my heeled shoes for comfort, but my feet still throb by the time I get home.
Once the water is ready for my feet, I sit back, usually put on a face mask and relax as my feet are slowly massaged and I begin to relax usually with my kindle to escape from reality for at least half an hour.  One of the best things about my foot spa is that it massages your feet and also has these extra little ridged rollers which are really good for that little extra deeper massage and the water never gets cold because it has what is called a smart heat feature.

The pampering doesn't end there of course, once my feet have been dried, I decide which colour I am going to paint my toenails from my ever-growing collection of nail polishes. Then once my nails are dry, I grab some of my pedicure footcare products some of which I mentioned in another post HERE.  Those items include such my foot buffer, foot cream and once I am finished buffering and moisturised, I then place some pamper socks over them, usually over night to ensure the cream has plenty of time to absorb itself and my socks are similar to these but pink (of course).
What I find when wearing my pamper socks as I call them is that the following morning my feet are much softer, smoother and almost certainly dry skin free.

Does anyone else follow a certain foot pampering regime? Are there any products you would recommend?



  1. Wow you have really made me want a pamper evening! I'm so basic and just paint my toes, really want to buy a foot spa!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  2. That foot bath looks soo lush! I definitely think I'm going to have to invest in this!

    Accidental Sunshine

  3. I pretty much to the same as you do to take care of my feet, I swear by wearing a pair of soft socks after moisturising my feet too it makes such a difference to how soft the skin ends up for some reason! x

    Molly's Beauty Spot | A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. It does, even though I hate wearing socks to bed, it helps x

  4. I do a foot spa - I also have the scholl pedi but I used a foot mask to peel off the old skin and get baby smooth skin again lol it was a nice treat but feet we neglect a lot and come Summer we scramble to make them look decent for sandal season xo

    1. I can't cope with any of those Pedi things, turns my stomach x

  5. I usualy just fall asleep with socks full of cream! :P
    Cheap and simple!
    Elephant stories and more

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  8. I had two massages here. One was amazing, one was OK. I think it depends on who you get. Expensive for Bali but generally worth it. Ladies shower area is a bit rundown and the hot water is temperamental.

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