Sunday, 12 May 2013

Unusually balanced - that's me!!

Unlike most people, I am quite new to the Balance Me range, until this particular product I was yet to actually try something from the range, despite seeing them everywhere.

Radiance Face oil tells you that it will "enhance skins natural lustre" and that it is 100% natural.  I also like that on the back of the box, as shown below you can read the following - "smooth away the years with our highly emollient, 100% natural face oil.  Skin lacking in lustre is enhanced with a rich, replenishing blend of naturally active and smoothing ingredients. Don't be afraid to use this if your skin is prone to congestion as oil on oil is extremely balancing, hydrating and comfortable to wear".

That little blurb on its own answered the question for me as to whether or not having combination skin; leading more to the oily side would work well with this oil.  Never in my life have I used a product like this on my skin, more through fear of expecting to turn into a bottle of vegetable oil and making my skin super shiny, however until you try it I guess you just never know.

Inside the box I was surprised to find how lovely the glass bottle looked, the oil itself is almost orange and reminded me a little bit of some extra virgin olive oil that I have in my cupboard.  This 30ml bottle comes complete with a little pipette that you use to dispense the oil onto your hands. The reason you drop it onto your hands is because your body's natural temperature helps to warm up the oil as the 'directions' show on the side of the box, which again you can see in the picture below. 

I like how clear the directions of use are and that it explains fully how to use this oil to get the full benefits such as massaging in circular motions and words such as toxins, circulation and boost cell renewal all catch the eye and attention as you read.

When you first apply this to your face, I was surprised, infact I was so surprised at how non-greasy it felt.  I had been expecting to find a mini oil slick on the palms of my hands but quite the opposite, as soon as you apply to your face it has absorbed itself in double quick time leaving nothing behind except glowing skin that was silky smooth to the touch. My skin hasn't broken out in any spots, it doesn't irritate my skin nor make it itchy, all of which has slightly surprised me, again having never used oil on combination skin I was waiting for something to go wrong - it didn't.  Usually around the time of my monthly visit I sometimes get one or two spots around my chin which annoy me because I'm not used to having them, using this product they didn't even make an appearance, again another thumbs up from me.

All of the ingredients within this oil are natural and you have no less than 8 base oils which includes:

  • Amazonian Buriti Nut, Cameilla and Rosehip Oil all of which work to reduce redness and address uneven skin tones and minimise the visible signs of scarring. 
  • Add to that Yarrow, Benzoin and Roman Camomile which work together to create a highly moisturising effect.  
  • You will also find Sweet Almond Oil which smells divine and again helps to keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised and finally there is grape seed oil, again an ingredient that works with the other 7 and again has moisturising properties for the skin.
When I use this oil, I tend to use it first thing in the morning after getting out of the shower and before I go to bed having removed all my make-up and the days dirt and grime and before I add any extra moisturiser even though some days I feel as though my skin is not in need of anything else.  The smell is perhaps the one thing I'm not too keen on, I had hoped the sweet almond oil would be the dominant fragrance within this product but what you get is something quite herb like, and it isn't off-putting in any way and wouldn't stop me from using it.

This product retails at £30 for a 30ml bottle from the Balance Me website which isn't cheap but when you are only using 3 - 4 drops per day, it is certainly going to last quite a while.  I have no hesitations when it comes to recommending this facial oil, I love how it makes my skin feel, I love the pipette application because it is so different to the products I would usually use and makes applying it a little lore fun. A great face oil that does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch whilst leaving your skin glowing.  For me this would be a definite re-purchase.

Which balance me products do you use?
Have you tried any face oils?


  1. I've never really 'got on' with Balance Me products but I haven't tried this particular product. It sounds really good. Maybe I should pick one up the next time I place a massive online order? ;)

    Louise xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. I was really unsure about it, but I love it and I like how it isn't oily on my skin xx

  2. I've never tried any balance me products before but I found skin oils to be really good for my dry skin so maybe I should give this one a go :) x

  3. I absolutely love Balance Me 2 of their products are firm favourites in my beauty regime, I am yet to try this though, sounds lovely!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. This is the first one I have tried so I a, eager to try more now xx

  4. I really like this face oil, have a rollerball version which makes it great for travelling :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. I really want to try this range it looks great!

  6. I really like this oil along with several others! x

  7. I have this in the smaller rollerball size which makes application even easier (you obviously just roll it on) and its cheaper. I really like and will probably repurchase when I've got through it.

  8. I tried this myself and I really liked it! i used it in pregnancy and it def helped dry pregnant skin!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  9. I've been saving up my boots points for ages to try to afford the estee lauder advanced night repair serum but this looks amazing as well! :) x

  10. Thanks for sharing this product! I hadn't actually heard of Balance Me before reading this post. I've been looking for a new facial oil for quite some time and am thinking I might try this one! Thanks :)

  11. This sounds amazing! Like you I always thought putting oil on my oily skin was a big no no. Definitely think I need to try this out. Great review lovely!!

    Stacey x


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