Friday, 5 April 2013

Perfume Lover?

Here is the guest post I did for the lovely Hayley over at Sparkles & Stretchmarks as she was due to (and now has) given birth to the very handsome and beautiful Tyne - see HERE about some of my favourite perfumes.  Just lately as I find myself coming to the end of bottles, I debate trying something completely new... I am drawn to the Marc Jacob bottles because they are stunning... should I try them? I am not sure...  Anyway here was my post for Hayley...

I love perfume, though I am quite fussy about what I will and won’t wear.  I am sometimes tempted to purchase a perfume because I like the bottle and am desperate to get my hands on Dior J’adore (the advert is also catchy) and Mark Jacobs Daisy because I like the look of them.  But I never tend to buy a perfume on a whim, I will go into whichever store I am near, test it on my skin, walk around and then if I like it, I might purchase it or add it to a list of ‘wants’ and when birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas are on the horizon, said perfume(s) show.

There are now, some perfumes I can just go out and purchase because I have worn them so often and I thought I would share some of my favourite perfumes with you.

Shown above in those 9 squares you will find:

1. Chanel Allure which will cost you around £46 for 50ml
2. Bvlgari Coral which will cost around £33 for  25ml
3. Miss Dior Cherie which will cost around £55 for 50ml
4. Clinique Happy which will cost around £35 for 30ml
5. M&S Blush which currently costs £8.50 for 25ml
6. DKNY Be Delicious which costs around £48 for 50ml
7. Bvlgari Pour Femme which costs around  £35.50 for 25ml
8. Valentino Rock N Rose which costs around £50 for 50ml
9. Fame Lady Gaga  which costs £25 for 50ml and the only ‘Celeb’ perfume I like currently

I am a huge fan of Bvlgari perfumes, they all smell really lovely when I wear them and they are the ones which tend to last the longest before I need to re-apply.  I carry the Marks and Spencer’s Blush around in my handbag because it is so light to carry around and perfect handbag size.  I do like to chop and change on a daily basis which perfume I wear, but it is likely it will be one of those listed above.

Now I don’t know if anyone remembers Tribe perfume? I used to wear it all the time as a teenager, I loved it and imagine my delight when I found some in a storage box, still wrapped and unused.  It is now discontinued and I am told a bit of a collectors item!  I also used to wear Ex’cla-ma’tion as did all my friends and although you can still buy this, I really don’t like the scent anymore.  The final perfume I used to wear is Vanderbilt, again my best friend and I used to wear this and well.. . It is still available to buy and will cost you about £10 for 100ml.  

If you can’t remember any of these perfumes, you will find them shown below:

What perfumes do you love to wear? What was your favourite Childhood perfume?


  1. My first perfume was chloe and then rive gauche! I love Tom Ford Santal Blush, Chanel Sycomore, Prada Candy & Jimmy Choo x

    1. Great choices!
      Haha i remember Tribe smelt abit like rotting cabbages?! But we all wore it...... I preferred Exclaimation

  2. Hiya i'm Hayleys sister and Baby Tynes proud auntie hehe. Loving your blog :-)

    Laura -

  3. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has to be my most favorite scent ever. It is floral, but very soft. It's super girly, and I love that! It always makes me feel like a lady.


  4. Oh! I love this! Definitely trying it..

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  5. Aw so cute I remember exclamation I have not seen it in the shops any more, maybe they sell it in smaller batches. I have never heard of Tribe before x


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