Friday, 26 April 2013

A detox for tired and dull skin

As well as looking after my hands, feet and body with numerous Lush products filling the bathroom shelves, I tend more often than not to use a Lush face mask every few weeks or so. Why? Well I do have really sensitive skin and find it difficult to find a product which doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or raw after using - except with Lush products which do not irritate my skin.

The one good thing about Lush is that you can always 'try before you buy' which is exactly what I do with new products and this is what I did with 'Brazened Honey'. The one thing I like about Lush is their ability to give all of their products intriguing names which draw me to them.

'Brazened Honey' is a detoxifying face mask which you apparently use when you are utterly ashamed by the look of your skin. With all the changes in the weather recently I have to say my face has come to resemble that of Freddy Kruger on a bad day with dry skin flaking off everywhere, however, all it seems was not lost because I have this new face mask to try out. 

Lush's ‘Brazened Honey’ comes in a large pot for the bargain price of £5.95 (and for that £5.95 you get 4 uses of the product), with the usual simple Lush packaging found on and around many of their products. All of Lush’s face masks are made with fresh ingredients which means they contain absolutely no synthetic preservatives and because the ingredients are so fresh, Lush will only deliver them to the United Kingdom. 

There are seven ayurvedic herbs main ingredients. Ayurvedic after some research means “The best known form of traditional Indian medicine is Ayurveda (from ayus, meaning 'life' and veda, meaning 'knowledge').” All of which can be found on any website if you type in 'Ayurveda'. So, for this product some of those seven herbs are Fresh Coriander, Sage, Rosemary and Parsley mixed in with fresh Lime juice, fresh free range eggs, ground almond shells, honey and Ginger oil, but still the list of ingredients goes on and can be found on the Lush Website. 

By putting all of these ingredients together Lush claim that they all work together to cleanse your skin deeply. The honey is used to soothe, smooth and calm troubled skin whilst at the same time allowing the herbs to detoxify your skin and the ingredients to do that are Sage, Juniper and Rosemary alongside the lime juice and then the use of Parsley, Ginger and Coriander are used to boost the skins circulation. If you look into any of these ingredients on health websites, they do quantify the statements made by Lush as to what these ingredients actually do.

Texture wise this honey coloured slop as I refer it as is slightly thick but easily spreadable and the first thing to noticed apart from the strong honey smell was a slight tingling sensation as the mask was applied and started working. 

So after a long hard stressful day at the office, one of the best ways to relax and chill out is for me in the bathroom and with a bath full of bubbles from yet another Lush Product, usually a glass of wine in my hand and a good book. Then I grab my pot of ‘Brazened honey’.

To use this mask you must ensure that you have washed your face prior to using it because this will remove any dirt and grime on the surface of your skin. You then should apply to your skin avoiding the eyes (and it does sting if you get some in your eyes) and leave on your skin for five to ten minutes, depending on how bad you think your skin actually is and this face mask does harden on your skin, so it is worth laying totally still (possibly in the bath) once it has hardened because it does loosen and crumble when removing. 

Once those five to ten minutes are up and the aroma’s of the lime juice and ginger, which for me was the most predominant two smells, have got your senses throbbing, you simply rinse of using warm water and then use a clean towel to pat your skin dry. 

Now, most Lush face masks have a shelf life of about 3 months from the date of manufacturing and the best way to preserve your mask is to keep it in the fridge to keep the ingredients fresh. You will know when the face mask is beyond use because the colouring and smell fade quite dramatically and also because there will be a sticker on your pot with the date of expire on it. 

The end results? Yes my face did feel amazing immediately afterwards and unlike ‘Mask of Magnaminty’, I didn’t feel the need to moisturise afterwards because my skin was so smooth and blemish free but I did moisturize and my skin stayed lovely and soft for the next few days as well as the smells of Lime and Ginger lingeringly slightly.

Do I recommend it? Without a doubt I certainly do. This is one Lush product that I will be buying more often than not.


  1. This sounds lovely! I love Lush face masks :)
    Great review!

    Jesss xo

  2. I love Lush masks! Yours looks so yellow in the pot compared to mine xx

    1. It was on my window when I took the photo, so the sun is shining on it xx

  3. Love Lush face masks, I've got 3-4 uses out of Cupcake and am going to try another one!
    My international giveaway

  4. This looks exactly like the contents of Tyney Tot's nappy at the moment! :P
    Hopefully it smells nicer!! Sounds nice!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. Ha well I wouldnt suggest smearing his nappy content on your face, but this is lovely xx

  5. I have never tried a lush face mask but i have heard a lot of about them, people seem to love them. My problem with lush is that the shop gives me a headache, as soon as I step in I have to leave due to all the diff smells going on! Haha xx

  6. Aaah Lush, how I love that brand :-) I currently use the Cosmetic Warrior mask, and I like it a lot.

  7. just put this on my beauty your posts...

    we would love you too follow us......

    h&e xx

  8. absolutely LOVE Brazened Honey although not fond of the smell! I was willing to overlook the smell though seeing as it works so well. Must try more Lush facemasks!

    Emily Jane xo


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