Thursday, 14 March 2013


Like most girls, I do have my must have and must wear products that accompany me everywhere, the kind of items I never leave the house without such as Iphone, Purse, Kindle and of course make-up.  Some mornings I am in a rush and simply don't have time to sort my face out and put on make-up, if that happens, I have a make-up bag which holds these items and I grab it, shove it in my bag and I am away.

As you can see, my beautiful boy, Dude, is very kindly modelling my Gorjuss make-up bag, a present from a friend a few years ago.  I love this little bag because I can fit so much into it and it is cute.

So inside the bag you will find:

1. BeneFit - Hello Flawless foundation - I have 2 of these.  One I keep in this bag and one I keep at home.  I love the colour, how easy it is to use and I like the packaging.  £24.50

2. BeneFit Hoola - my must have bronzer.  I love this stuff and again have 2 of them as above. £23.50

3. Lip Balm - I am a lip balm addict, a post is coming on my lip balm addiction, but I am never without lip balm. Palmers Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate Cherry is one of my current favourites, it smells good enough to eat and at £1.99 it is a bargain.

4. MUA under-eye Concealer - a recent purchase as my Touche Eclat has run out and whilst it isn't as good, it 'makes do' and it was only £2 so I can't complain.

5. Thick & Fast Soap and Glory Mascara - to be honest it is a good mascara, I like the brush and it doesn't clump and I am a huge Soap and Glory fan too.  £10

6. Rimmel Day 2 Night Glameyes Mascara - just incase I need it and I like the thin brush for the corner of my eyes. £7.99

7. M&S Autograph Blush - I love this perfume, it is perfect for work, fits in my bag and smells really lovely - the description reads "This refreshing fragrance has a fresh floral note with bergamot and cassis giving sparkle to a pretty violet accord. Water fruits and soft raspberry mingle with dewy rose in the heart which reaches into a background of warm amber, creamy vanilla and silky musks. A captivating fragrance to refresh and uplift." £8.50

8. A Nail File - I am never without a nail file. Boots £2.05

So that is my emergency bag of make-up that I grab in a morning and shove in my handbag and I thought it would be fun to see how much it is worth :drum roll: £80.53 and if you include the cost of the bag which is aorund £10, that takes the total to £90.53.  That total has shocked me a bit because for those few items, it is a lot of money to use as my grab bag! I dread to think what my 'Actual Make-up bag' that I use when getting ready and am not in a rush is worth!

Does anyone else have an emergency bag like this?


  1. You've just given me a great idea - an emergency bag! I need supplies...
    My Beauty Junction

  2. Great post I never thought about how much my male up bag items would be worth altogether xxx

  3. You have such lovely make up! I so need new make up lol. I love your make up bag and your cat is CUTE! Bless. I loved this post :) xx

  4. I don't have anything... Just a lip balm inside my bag, not even a comb! I must get a cute kit soon and stuff it with all my needs! :) Thanks for this post dear! xx

  5. Wow! Interesting to add up the price! I might do that myself lol.

    I take my "everyday makeup" bag with me every time I go out, incase I need to touch up - the idea is that I just have what I wear day to day in it, but I always end throwing extra things in and its full to bursting atm! I need to sort it out.


  6. Woah - that's quite a lot of money!
    I don't have an emergency bag myself, I keep all my make-up at home.
    Your cat is absolutely gorgeous! Little Dude! :-)

    Bump to Baby

  7. Great idea!! I sooo need to do this! Having said that I have got my make up routine down to 10 mins ( very basic so I don't scare anyone).
    Great post and it means I can go out and buy more make up for my "to go bag" lol ;)

  8. I love seeing what make up people carry round with them xx

  9. I should really put together a bag like this one, as now I'm only carrying a truckload of chubbies/lipsticks with me which wont help me a whole lot.

    Love the kitty in the background :-)

  10. My emergency bag also doubles up as my uni pencil case at the moment, though I have to say it's mainly full of lipsticks!

    Rachel x

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