Monday, 25 March 2013

Chocolate that is GOOD for you??

Easter is coming and every time I walk into a shop or a supermarket I am faced with a zillion different eggs to choose from.... but...Imagine if you could eat chocolate that was good for you and was only 72 calories!! Well you can! I was recently asked if I would like to try some from the Ohso range, not one I have heard of, but I am a chocoholic, so I gladly accepted. 

 A few days later, in this lovely and very different packaging came the chocolate. Inside I found one bar of orange flavoured chocolate bar and a whole pack of 7 original chocolate bars. Before getting to the bars themselves, there was also a really handy information card which gave a little more information on the range.

What they say

At last, a guilt free chocolate bar that loves your tummy….ohso probiotic chocolate bars (available in original and orange flavours), made from 53% delicious Belgian chocolate are clinically proven*  to be three times more effective at delivering your daily probiotics than a yoghurt drink  – and at only 72 calories a bar!
Each no added dairy, gluten, wheat and nut free,  individually wrapped bar is designed to provide you and your family with the optimum daily amount of probiotic to help support your digestive health, restoring the bacterial flora of good bacteria in your gut to help improve immunity and overall health and wellbeing. 

*Based on the survival rates of probiotics passing through the stomach to the small intestine, it was found that the survival rates in the probiotic yoghurt matrix were three times lower than in chocolate .  Source: Ghent University, Belgium

Well if I can eat chocolate and there are only 72 calories, does that mean it won’t taste as good as my favourite Mint Chocolate Aero Bar?  Well it actually tastes so much better than I thought I would and I quickly devoured the orange flavored bar before promptly hiding the pack of 7 so I could eat them all to myself.  Actually that isn’t quite true, I have been having them as a little extra treat in my packed lunches for work, instead of putting in a penguin (old school) or buying some chocolate because I need a quick fix, Ohso have provided me with just that and it is the perfect size to fit into my bag.  But taste is naturally quite important in any food products and when you bite into these bars, the first thing you notice, especially with the orange version is how natural the orange taste it and the chocolate, which is made from 53% dark Belgian chocolate is simply divine, it melts on your tongue

So as well as being gluten, nut, wheat and cholesterol free and contains no added dairy, Ohso also contains plenty of what is referred to as "good for you" which is proven to be three times more effective at delivering your daily probiotics than a yoghurt drink bacteria and if you look at this diagram shown below, you can read more about how good for you Ohso is:

That is not all, with Ohso, you can subscribe to it and it is available in 7-bar weekly packs for convenience and it is delivered to your home via Royal Mail, now the good thing about this is that the packaging is so good, it fits through your letterbox, as shown in the photo below, so there is no need to have to go and collect it from anywhere.  If you are not wanting to subscribe you can get Ohso from Harvey Nichols Food Halls, Ocado, The Nutri Centre, Amazon and health food stores and independent retailers nationwide.

For more information on Ohso on Twitter see @Ohso_Chocolate 


  1. ooh I'm intrigued! I may have to check these out xx

  2. I'm such a chocoholic - definitely want to try those. Xx

  3. Love this post! It sounds so amazing haha!

    Just found your blog! If you have a minute, maybe check out mine and we can follow each other? X x x

  4. I always think stuff like this looks too good to be true, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! It looks dark to me and I'm not a fan of dark chocolate so sadly I think this is something I will miss out on :(

    Emily Jane xo

  5. I received this with Zest magazine with an offer they were running a few months ago. I thought the original version was very tasty x

  6. Looks Yummie.... I will have to try this xx


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