Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A holiday in your shower

If it has coconut in it, I am likely to buy it.  I love the smell, the taste and the feel of coconut.  So whilst in Asda I came across a new range of Radox Shower Gels and the one which caught my eye in its bright white packaging was ‘Coconut Kiss’ a shower cream which contains exotic coconut and milk.  On the shelves where you find shower gels, there is always a plethora of colours all trying to catch your eye and because this was bright white, I was immediately drawn to it and as it was on offer for £1, I bought two.  On the front of the packaging you will find the word Coconut in an orange colour with the word Kiss underneath in white and again, the colouring catches your eye along with the sticker that shouts ‘New’ to you as you move close to inspect it.  This shower gel is a 250ml bottle in the new design which is much easier to grasp onto with wet hands whilst in the shower.

I am quite a fan of Radox Shower gels and there is always a few in the bathroom, I buy the Mister some masculine smelling shower gels and I tend to opt for the more flowery or fruited scented ones.  This one fits in neither category, once you open the black flip top lid you can immediately smell the coconut, it is like having a Bounty chocolate bar and a bit of Malibu in a tube,  not an artificial smell at all, it just smells that wonderful.

What they say - Coconut Kiss

"For girls who like to chill and un-wind why not try Coconut Kiss: Why stop dreaming when you get out of bed in the morning? This blissful shower gel containing coconut and milk has a deliciously Caribbean scent that will allow you to calmly daydream into your very own world of paradise with super soft skin.

Radox Coconut Kiss Shower Cream is inspired by nature. This delicious blend of natural ingredients, like creamy milk and exotic coconut, evokes an uplifting burst of paradise to every shower. With fabulously fruity fragrances your Coconut Kiss shower cream will leave you smelling gorgeous all day“.

Upon squeezing the tube, you release a bright white cream which is fairly thick in texture and again that coconut aroma becomes more fragrant and unlike anything else I have used from Radox in the past, I simply loved it.  The cream itself produces a lot of lather, as soon as it comes into contact with your sponge, flannel, Loofah or whatever it is you use to wash yourself, the warm water fluffs the cream up and you are suddenly covered in coconut smelling lather, lots of it.  As you stand immersed in your coconut lather and wash yourself you could be on your tropical island with your cocktail, the smell is that fresh.

After showering I was delighted that the coconut smell was so strong on my skin and again it isn’t an artificial smell, it is a fresh coconut smell, almost as if you have covered yourself in coconut cream, Malibu and eaten a Bounty, it is delicious and it stays put for hours after using.  My skin, well soft and smooth to the touch as well, absolutely no complaints from me and as soon as the bathroom door is opened and the steam is allowed to escape throughout the house, with it goes that coconut scent into every room.

This is a delightful smelling shower cream, one of the best I have ever used from the range and one that is likely to remain in my bathroom for a long time to come, well worth the £1 I spent on it as an offer and I would happily pay the full price of £2.15 for it.  You can find these products in Boots, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Savers.

Did you know...

·         ‘Super’ power showers are costing the average family £928 a year and an individual person over £18,000 in their lifetime- the same as the average deposit for a terraced house in the UK.

·         Brits could save almost £10,000 in a lifetime, and over one million litres of water (1,514,240 litres) by halving their showers


  1. This sounds amazing, anything tropical or coconut is for me!
    I may have to buy this despite my sisters hatred for coconut :P x

  2. Mmmmmm sounds lovely! I do love the smell of coconut! Have you tried the M & S Basics coconut foam bath? My mum buys it and I pinch it, its LOVELY!

    I also love Radox's muscle soak, the smell is divine! The bright blue stuff

    Sparkles &



    1. It does smell really lovely. I havent tried the M&S one, no hun, will have to look out for it xx

  3. Ooh I've not seen this! I think I'll be hunting it down. xx

  4. I do love anything coconutty so this may have to go in my basket next time I'm in boots!

    B xxx

  5. This sounds lovely, I LOVE the scent of coconut! Sadly, the hubs does not feel the same. lol :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  6. I LOVE COCONUT! its one of my all time favourites for shower gels and shampoo, cant wait to give this a try although it will have to be pretty good to replace my body shop coconut shower cream!

  7. sounds lovely, bounty is one of my fav chocolate bars so i would love my flat smelling of it, yummy sounds delish just thinking of it x

  8. Oh so wonderful product sweetie looks really georgeus.
    Sure smells delicious!
    Now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.


  9. Thanks for sharing the review. I like the smell of coconut very much. XOXO.

    Weclome to my blog.
    By the way, are you interested in reblogging ( I mean, you can choose one of the favorite posts from my blog and post it on your blog, I will help to reblog your post as well, so both of our friends can see the latest update.)

    Looking forward to your reply.

  10. oh man, I'm obsessed with coconut scents at the moment, gotta try this! I love the "holiday in your shower" description too.

    Emily Jane xo

  11. I adore coconut scents so will have to look out for it. Great review x


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