Wednesday 4 August 2021

StylPro Luxury Brush Collection

When it comes to Stylpro, the inventory of products has grown so quickly, it is quite remarkable. I have no doubts that most people who are currently reading this has or has had the StylPro Makeup Brush cleaner, which by the way saves hours of time completing this dreaded task, I would rather iron than clean my brushes!  From the brush cleaner there has been a Beauty Fridge, a Face Steamer, StylFile Nail File, the StylPro Glow and Go Mirror and so many more products within this collection. Today I have one more for you and that is the StylPro Luxury Brush Collection.
StylPro Luxury Brush Collection
StylPro Luxury Brush Collection
This brush set is said to have been inspired by Hollywood glamour and it features an 8-piece brush set which is currently on offer here for just £10 which is an absolute bargain.

This glitter Vegan brush set is described as offering high density, super soft makeup brushes featuring everything you need for your face and eyes, from buffing, blending and everything in-between. Each brush has soft touch wooden handles, a beautiful glitter ferrule and the most important bit, they are made from soft synthetic hair.
  • G103 POWDER BRUSH - This is a large, domed powder brush which is perfect for the application of powder, bronzer and blush. A great all-rounder for on the go touch ups.
  • G104 BUFFING BRUSH - This is a dense and flat-topped buffing brush perfect for foundation application. Perfect for blending, this is one of my most used brushes from the collection.
  • G105 CONTOUR BRUSH - This is quite a dense and short flat-topped blending brush so it is ideal for blending and buffing your contour and creating that perfect sculpted look.
These brushes are the ones I have used the most with G104 being my most used brush. I love how lightweight the hands are, how easy they are to hold and who doesn't need a bit of glitter in their lives occasionally?  
StylPro Luxury Brush Collection
StylPro Luxury Brush Collection
The bristles are also really soft on the skin and using my Stylpro Brush cleaner, they clean so easily and look like new every single time.

The next five brushes are the ones you also need in your collection, with everything from blending and precise application, this completes the collection.
StylPro Luxury Brush Collection
I am never without a concealer brush, if there was a brush I need that would be it, so I was delighted to see one within this collection.
  • G106 CONCEALER BRUSH - This is flat and flexible, oval shaped brush perfect for concealer. The slight pointed edge on this brush allows for precise application.
  • G107 CREASE BRUSH - This is the brush I’ve used the lease but it is a long and fluffy brush perfect for shadow application. It has a tapered point which allows for precise definition and blending within in the crease of the eye.
  • G108 SHADOW BRUSH - This is a really soft and fluffy shadow brush which is designed perfectly for eye shadow application and creating an even base.
  • G109 SMUDGE BRUSH - This is a short but wide brush designed for smudging and blending shadow and kohl liner into the lash line. The shape and density of this brush is the one to use when filling in your brows. 
  • G110 BROW BRUSH - This is a flat and angled shaped brush, perfect for even and precise application of powder, gel or pomade products. Use this brush to fill, shape and define eyebrows.
As you can see, all 8 of these brushes work together a team to help with your makeup application and whether you need a new set of brushes or just need one or two more for your collection, for just £10, this is one not to pass up!

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