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Nail HQ London + Giveaway

I long to be one of those people with strong nails that always look good, in an amazing condition and never break, chip or flake - alas, that is not what I am blessed with.  I have over the years tried acrylics, gels, regular manicures and nothing has seemed to prevent the splitting and breaking. I tried shaping my nails different, moving from square to squoval but again once my nails reach a nice length, one would break and like dominos the rest followed.
Nail HQ London Treatments
Nail HQ London Nail Treatments
Nail Care
Then I was introduced to Nail HQ, a brand who uses cutting edge technology found in hair care and they have a wide range of products which includes 9 core nail Treatments. Nail HQ is described as being a problem, solution range with each product targeting a different problem area of your nails. Each product is infused with different oils, vitamins and proteins which can be used directly onto your nail.  So I have gone back to basics with my nails with thanks to Nail HQ London and that included ensuring all my nails had been cut and shaped to the same size and length and I've sorted my cuticles out too.

The first item I have in my little package is the Nail HQ Cuticle Oil and its role is to moisturise and condition both the nail bed and the cuticle area.  I hold my hands up and admit that this is not something I regularly use and really should.  
Nail HQ London Cuticle Oil
Nail HQ London Cuticle Oil Brush
The formula is non-greasy and it contains a whole host of ingredients to rejuvenate and soften those dry and lifeless cuticles and they include Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Beta-Carotene as well as Vitamins E, A and D3.  Coming together the ingredients work to restore the moisture and lubrication levels which are necessary to stop the cracking and the peeling. 

What I like about this oil is how easy it to use and this is partly owing to the formula not being greasy and just sitting on your nail bed taking ages to absorb, but also to the brush, which is exactly the same as a nail polish brush, makes the application much easier and much more precise. There is no chemical or nail polish scent to the oil and what I also like is that you can apply it more than once daily if your cuticles are really dry.

The second product is the Nail HQ Base Coat and it is quite a unique product in that it is both a treatment and one which has a rubberised formulation to ensure it helps prepare the nail for colour application. With the formula being as it is, it creates a barrier to prevent discolouration of the nails, particularly with shades which have really high pigmentation.  I have often found with darker nail shades that if I don't use a base coat, my nail bed does discolour and it can often take months to get rid of it entirely.
Nail HQ Base Coat
Nail HQ London Base Coat Brush
The Base Coat again is one I have just worn on its own and remove every few days and reapply when I need too.  As I am taking my nail care as back to as basic as I can, I don't want to be sticking to my darker nail shades.  So for me, this is working just fine for now.

The product which really intrigued me was the Nail HQ All In One and it is described as being a nail treatment designed to be a multi-solution product. Using Acai Berry and Argan Oil as well as a replenishing Mineral Complex, these ingredients come together and their job is to provide moisture and nourishment which help maintain healthy but flexible nails whilst preventing brittleness and breakage.
Nail HQ London All In One
Nail HQ London All In One Brush
The Formula of this treatment is slightly different to the others within the range in that it is blue in colour, though on the nails it is clear and the formula is that little bit thicker in texture, but it applies like a dream. 

Finally, we have the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat and it is described as being a nail treatment which contains an exclusive dual polymer which has been developed exclusively to create a long-lasting, extra durable high gloss finish. The acrylic provides non-yellowing properties that help preserve and protect the colour underneath and the inclusion of Shellac also helps for added durability.
Nail HQ London Gel Top Coat
Nail HQ London Gel Top Coat Brush
This top coat includes Argan Oil for its moisturising properties and it helps to benefit the health of your nails.

What I like about these products is that as well as making your nails look good, even mine which really are in a sorry state, is that they work to protect our nails as well as work as a treatment and they don't cost the earth to purchase either.  If your nails need a bit of TLC then as well as the four products I have mentioned within this post, you will also find a Ridge Filler, A Growth treatment, A Nail Hardener, A Nail Protect and Repair and a Nail Strengthener.

I have a set of these products to give away over on my Instagram (here) so to be in with a chance of winning them, all you need to do is follow the rules which are on that Instagram post!

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  1. Your nails look great! Love the sound of the base coat! xx

  2. Fab giveaway. I love this brand so much. It's worked wonders on my nails x

  3. These sound fab! Will definitely be entering x

  4. Love all their products, saves my nails!

  5. I've heard good things about their products - I need to look after my nails more x

  6. Ooooo they all look so good! I love nail care products!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. I love this brand and your nails look so good! Healthy and strong x

  8. I need cuticle oil during winter, or else EA 8 Hour!

  9. I tried their all-in-one treatment years ago really liked it. I had totally forgot about this brand.

    Roxie |


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