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Top 10 Romantic Destinations You’ve Never Thought Of

Top 10 Romantic Destinations You’ve Never Thought Of
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Looking for an interesting idea to spend time with a woman you like? Travelling is a great option and she will be 100% thrilled with anything you offer her, so spend a weekend in Paris, or these options for example.

Tales of the past in the City of Terni, Italy.
The city is steeped in legends. Valentine, a Christian Saint, is considered to be the patron of the city. The Saint of the Terni is associated with courtly love. According to the legend, he was the one, who secretly married Roman soldiers and their beloved, against the Emperor’s will. But the Emperor Claudius II was aware of it. He ordered to secure the priest and to execute him. In the memory of his sacrifice, lover all around the world celebrate this day and give each other cards called valentines. 

A journey to Goa
Without doubts, Vienna, Paris, and Prague are considered to be the most Romantic cities on Earth. However, if you want to make a real surprise for your woman, go to Goa, India’s best resort. In February Goa will offer you a gentle sea and long beaches, which create a lounge atmosphere around you. You can make her day and book a cruise to the old pirate schooner and make a romantic dinner for two. If you host a dinner in one of their local restaurants, you will get a chance to taste delicious Indian lobsters, shrimps, and salmon.

Weekends on the Capri island
Another interesting option for couples, who enjoy short sea trips and ultra white yachts, is to spend the weekends on the island of Capri. The island is famous for its picturesque views, cozy coves and untouched nature. Here you have a unique opportunity to stay in a room overlooking the Vesuvius dormant volcano. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets; listen to the wash of the waves… Furthermore, if you book a sea tour, you will see gorgeous Pompeii ruins. 

An intellectual trip
If your couple is looking for some inspiration, it is a must to visit Scotland’s jewel in the crown, the city of Edinburg. Medieval castles, monasteries, museums, famous Royal Mile, as well as many other monuments, make the city highly attractive for tourists. You will derive a real satisfaction if you rent a bicycle there and view its magnificent streets. Besides, this is a once-in-a-life opportunity taste a pure Scottish whiskey. 

Shefshauen, Morocco
Chefchaouen is a small town at the foot of the Reef Mountains in Morocco. It was found in 1471, and till 1920 only 3 foreigners visited it. Nowadays the city is famous for its historical area and is called “the blue pearl” because of it. Considering the vast majority of houses in that area are painted in different shades of blue, it is a great attraction for any couple. The choice of the color was based on the religious beliefs. Chefchaouen was a home to the Sephardi Jews community for a long time. 

However, the city also has its “dark side”. It is considered to be Morocco’s drug center. 

Lord Howe Island, Australia
The island remains almost untouched nowadays. Its indigenous population is quite small, and the number of tourists, allowed to visit the island during the year, is 400 people maximum. The limitation is intended to preserve its unique flora and the crystal-clear lagoon, which has become a home for the coral reef. 

Huacachina, an oasis in the Sechura Desert, Peru.
The Huacachina village is a home for about a hundred people. According to a local legend, the lake occurred, after a young princess, while swimming in the pool, was captured by a hunter. She managed to escape, and the pool turned into a lake. The folds of her mantle turned into dunes, and she turned into a mermaid. 

Bastei bridge across the Elba, Germany
The bridge is a miracle of engineering of the first half of XIX century. The monumental construction in 1824 was wooden, then, in 25 years the old material was replaced with sandstone. The length of this architectural monument is 76.5 meters. 

The Alcazar castle in Sergovia, Spain
The Alcazar of Sergovia is a palace and a fortress of the Spain kings in the historic area of Sergovia. The castle is built on a cliff, near Guadarrama Mountains, where Eresma and Klamores rivers meet. Such location makes the Alcazar one of the picturesque and popular Spanish castle. Firstly, it was built as the fortress, although used to function as a royal palace, state prison, and the Royal Artillery Academy. 

Hotel Moulin de Roc, France
Deep in the Dordogne province, on the banks of a quiet river, there is an old mill turned into a charming hotel. You won’t find a single house within 2 miles of the hotel. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful nature. Besides, there is one of the most famous Michelin restaurants at the hotel. 

Article is prepared by Russian Singles. Choose one of the above-mentioned options and you will have a fantastic vacation with your one-of-a-kind.


  1. I live in Edinburgh so I can see why it's romantic it's a beautiful city, loving the sound of Lord Howe island in Australia xx

  2. I always wanted to go to Goa. It is on my never ending list of things to do. I imagine it is a most beautiful place.

  3. We sailed past Capri when we were on our cruise and made a promise we would return as it looks beautiful

  4. I loved Goa, it's one of the few places I've been to more than once! So beautiful and I loved the culture 😊

  5. I've been in the Alcazar of Segovia and there were a couple taking pictures for their weddings because it's a really romantic place. I think the most realistic place for me to visit in the near future would be Edinburgh. I already visited for work but didn't see much and I know it's beautiful x

  6. I like that you have some Italian destinations on the list. One is new to me, but I can vouch for Capri.


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