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The very lovely Becki from over at lifelooksperfect tagged me and some other lovely bloggers into this 'Not Another Tag' post and as I really enjoyed reading her answers which you can see HERE, I was chuffed to be tagged and have done my best to answer the questions below!  I have also tagged some of you too :)

First things first, thank you to the brain child of the tag - Hayley and Becki for tagging me, hope you enjoy, I do believe my answers are a tad different so get reading bloggers!

The Rules 

You must include both Hayley & the person who tagged you (that's Becki!) in your post (and the rules too). Once you've answered all your questions you need to tag 5 people. Also if you tweet me the link to your post (@Beautyqueen_uk) and Hayley (@teapartybeauty), we will RT. If you are tagged & don't do the post you will have bad luck for 68.5 years. FACT - now that's scary ****!
The Tag

You've made it BIG & bagged some VIP Fashion Week tickets. You lucky devil you. But in your rush to get there & get yourself noticed you forgot your VIP Passes. The guy on the door says he will cut you a deal, you can go in only if you sacrifice either your Front Row seat, backstage privileges or goody bag. What's it gonna be? 

What a harsh question to start with, I would love to go to fashion week and get in on the whole experience so there is no chance of me giving yp my backstage privilege to see how it all works and be in on all the hype thank you very much and I would also want the goody bag, so I would probably give up the front row seats.

You're making a new Subscription box, what 4 items & which dreaded perfume sample would you include in it? 

OOh well as I am a huge fan of Bvlgari scents, I would want everyone to see how fabulous they are and I would want to include Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari.  I would then also include

What's your biggest blogging bug bear? The one thing guaranteed to make your blood boil & have you screaming/eye rolling at your laptop?

The only thing thing that really annoys me is when people have really small photos and text which I can't read at all. I like big photos and text which is easy to read on the screen of my iPad.

No more joining in Twitter chats only slightly relevant to your blog. You can only join in one blogger chat a week for the rest of your blogging days, which one's it gonna be & why? 

For me without question it will always be #bbloggers. From taking part in this chat I have met some really lovely bloggers, been given some amazing tips and advice and I find everyone so lovely and friendly.

'Fess up, do you actually own any MAC? If so what don't you like about the product? 

Nope, I am a MAC virgin, I have not one item from the store.

The blogging Gods ban arm swatching, which body part will you swatch on now?

How mean is that!  I swatch some products on my arm because that is where the colours and shades tend to show up best.  Depending on the product it would go on my nails for a polish because I prefer that to those nail wheels people use. Lipstick on the lips, though sometimes the swatches do look better on the wrist/hand.  If it is a cream it goes on my hand, same with an oil and any other lotion.

You can no longer have Yankee Candles & Perfume Bottles in the background of your shots, what other inanimate object will you choose?

I would use my Owl Tart burner and some flowers which is what I try to do as best I can when I remember too because it is cute, white and looks really sweet, the downside is that it sits on my bedside table which resembles a mix between Boots and Superdrug for the sheer number of items on it.

Your blogs Instagram is it for cats or meal shots?

My cats of course, my three beautiful boys feature in many of my posts if you look HERE and they are shown below:

So there I am, all done, all questioned out and now I pass the tag onto: Kimberely, Becky, Stacey, Hannah and Claire 


  1. I love reading tags! I'd definitely give up the front row seats too!! :)

  2. Lol this actually made me laugh a lot! Thanks for tagging me doll xxx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  3. Thank you for doing the tag :) your cats are soooo cute




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