Monday, 31 March 2014

Sensory Experience through the Max Cube #LiveForNow

Living in London and having friends scattered across the capital you get to hear about all kinds of weird and wonderful things, like when David Blaine was hanging upside down near City Hall for weeks on end, everyday I was getting updates from friends about what was happening.

Then just a few weeks ago, this mysterious 9 metre x 9 metre black cube appeared at London's Southbank as well as other locations around the country between 5th and the 9th of March. This wasn't just any black cube, it was from Pepsi Max and on the outside the cube was the sign Live For Now with a countdown timer.

Inside the cube (not quite ITV with Philip Schofield), those visitors were taken on a journey, which according to the Pepsi Max is a

“LEVITATING SENSORY EXPERIENCE” and a “unique all-encompassing sensory experience, designed to beguile your sight, sound, touch, taste and smell”.

At the end of that experience those who took part discovered a levitating can of Pepsi Max, before being presented with a personalised Pepsi Max drinks bottle as a souvenir of their 'Unbelievable' experience.
Did you go down to the Southbank in London and take part? have you seen the black cube anywhere else across the country?



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