Friday, 24 January 2014

Beauty Crowd

Today I was introduced to Beauty Crowd and they asked me to be their blogger of the week.  What an honour to have bestowed upon me and I am so chuffed to have been asked. For those of you who haven't heard of Beauty Crowd they have one goal or one mission and that is to discover new and exciting products from around the globe and share them with people like you and me whether it is makeup, skincare or bath and beauty products to name a few things.

This is how they describe themselves:

The Beauty Crowd is a #Collaborative Content Channel for Beauty, Fashion and Design Enthusiasts.

Thursday night is live stream night from 7pm and tonight we were treated to a live make-up tutorial with Hanne Jenkins who works for ELF Cosmetics and throughout her demonstration, Hanne was taking questions from those of us who had joined the live stream which is now on Youtube and you can see here plus some of the previous live shows.  Tonight (being Thursday) was the 4th live show and it is hosted by Neil known as Beauty Baron and with him is the lovely Amy and Harriet and between them they help keep the conversations going, read out the tweets, ask your tweeted questions to the expert of the night, tonight being Hanne who had the hashtag #AskHanne and I actually really enjoyed it and now have serious ELF Envy and want to buy most of the products used because Hanne made them all look so fabulous, plus I also managed to get a few questions in myself of course.  As well as tweeting in questions, making comments and other general observations, there are chances to win competition prizes, which is always great!

What I liked about the livestream is that it is so interactive, you get to play your part and you are made to feel involved and it was really enjoyable, more so when you get the answers to the questions that you really want to know.  So I asked what eyeshadow colour would work best for me because I have blue eyes but dark blonde hair and Hanne was really detailed in her response and whilst I am usually told purple is the best colour, it isn't one I feel comfortable in using, so I am going to play around with Hanne's suggestions of slate and a few other darker colours and see how I feel with those.

If you havent got yourself involved with the live stream, looked at the website, followed on Twitter and Facebook, please do come and see for yourself what it is like and watch a few of the videos.  The website is still growing but it does have some good features such as a shop where you can buy some of the products mentioned in the show, they have a section called Flash Sale which gives you the opportunity to buy products at amazing prices and there is an ever-growing brand directory of products to look at, read about and also purchase such as Macadamia Oil, Fake Bake and Decleor to name just a few of them.  There is of course also a blog to read.

As I said, I was given the chance to be Blogger of the week and you can find my interview and questions HERE and I did mention some of you in the answers, so have a look for yourself.


  1. Well done and congrats. x


  2. awesome!

  3. What a great opportunity! Will have a watch when I have a quiet moment :-)
    Love Vicky

  4. Congratulations! They provide an awesome service.

  5. I love being a part of Beauty Crowd, its amazing. Love your blog love :D


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