Monday, 6 January 2014

Shower Sandal

Those who know me well will know that feet are not my favourite body part, in fact I hate them, always have.  I also dislike anyone touching my feet and there is no chance on earth that I would ever be willing to touch someone elses feet, even the Hubbys, it is just simply a no no.  I am also not a fan anything to do with feet and would never have a pedicure, the very thought makes me feel queasy and as soon as the Ped Egg advert comes on the TV, I am grasping for the remote control to make the image go away.

That said, I do take care of my feet and have a foot spa, I use foot creams, lotions and potions and paint my toe nails, all to ensure I never ever have to visit a Chiropodist to deal with any issues.

When I learnt there was such a product as a Shower Sandal, I was intrigued, usually found under the heading disability bath aids they are actually quite a fantastic all in one clean and scrub your feet invention that you don't even have to touch your own feet to wash and clean them

Described as follows:

"The ShowerSandal requires no bending or stretching to use. Simply affix the suction cups to the floor of the shower or bath and wet it, apply some liquid soap and rub your foot back and forth for a thorough and refreshing foot wash. The ShowerSandal is designed to clean your entire foot, including in-between the toes, the arch, heel, sides and top of foot"

This shower sandal is lined with what is referred to as "a multiplicity of flexable protrusions" and it works by having suction cups on the underside which secures the sandal to the shower or bath. It also means that for those of us who suffer with backpain or issues with feet, there is no need to bend or stretch to ensure your feet get a good clean.

These products are widely available online and start from just £26.  Would you ever consider having one?

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  1. These are a must have when pregnant!! haha X

  2. Haha great tool - i share your hatred of feet! (May describe my love of shoes ;)

    Josie xoxo
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Ha thanks, I don't even know why I dislike feet, they are just horrid x

  3. We saw an advert for this on television the other day, I was intrigued! I wonder if there are cheaper versions available!


  4. I saw these advertised on the TV, they're JML aren't they? The advert was a bit cheesy! I don't think I could use these as my feet underneath are so ticklish I don't think I could bear to have the bristles anywhere near the bottoms of my feet. Kind of a clever invention though!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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