Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My sacred space!

It is no secret that I love growing my own fruit and veg, in an ideal world I would have my own farm in the middle of nowhere and be totally self-sufficient, back to reality and I live in London where personal space is sacred and my only piece of green comes in the form of an allotment, something I have written about before on my blog.

Before and After of my allotment plot
When it comes to growing your own there is a lot of advice out there and one site I use more than any is http://www.gardenhealth.com/grow-your-own because I like how straightforward the site is, how helpful it is when it comes to planting my own and when I need a bit of advice it is always there.  I find my answers and it was from reading this site that I started making my own compost and pretty much recycle most of the things I use with relative ease.

When people tell you there is nothing quite like growing your own and eating it, you don't believe them until you do it.  In weather like this food is never top of my agenda and I tend to stick to salads, mostly made from ingredients I have grown - lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, onion, radish and sometimes a bit of potato to add to the texture, which you can see below. You can grow all of this from a smile growing kit that you can buy from places like Amazon, my own favourite being this .  Then it is from kits like this or from seeds you can end up with a whole host of different foods such as these which I picked over the weekend,

I also love beetroot, it has been one of my favourite foods for years and it is one of the easiest things to grow.  Every year I pickle and preserve them in jars and then as and when I need them, eat them or for the first time ever I made a beetroot cake and it looks like this:

Tomatoes are also easy to grow and there is nothing more wonderful than making your own tomato soup as shown below, one simple bag of tomatoes and one bowl of soup later, the rest of which is frozen.

I think everyone should have a go at growing their own, whether it is on a windowsill in your home, to a mini greenhouse, vegetable patch in your garden, a greenhouse if you have space and like me on an allotment if you are lucky enough.

Do you or have you ever grown your own? Is it something you would ever try and do?


  1. oh wow, I'd love to grow my own fruit and veg! I live in a flat and have no outside space which I hate and sadly don't have any allotments that I could easily get to without a car either. When I eventually move into a house am definitely going to have a little growing patch though! :) So impressed with what you've grown, looks amazing xx

  2. I used to grow my own fruit and vegetables when I was younger. What pleasure my heard work brought. Your photographs make my mouth water. There's nothing like the taste of home-grown tomatoes. Visitng from UBC. http://475035832790540880.weebly.com/blog.html

  3. Wao!! All of them look wonderful. And the cake juts looks yum, cant believe that its a beetroot cake!!

    Wish I had some space to grow, but i stay only in two rooms!!

  4. I have to say that the only decent place for beetroot is in a cake. I can't stand them! My husband loves them so I do grow them and despite the fact that I ignore them as much as possible they do remarkably well!

  5. So jealous of all of this food! My dad used to grow his own veg and it always tasted so much nicer, the potatoes were my favourite, you cannot beat them!

    We grow strawberries at the moment and it is so satisfying walking down to the garden to pick a few to eat! I always end up killing things so my husband really needs to look after things that we grow, I keep trying to encourage him to grow potatoes.


  6. Whoa you've grown such a lot of lovely veggies! I have a large garden and have tried cherry tomatoes, though they came out looking pea-sized than cherry-tomato-sized. Also have squash, moringa and aubergine x

  7. this is amazing!

    I would totally love to do this some day. Might be a thing me and the boyfriend can do together when we move in with each other :) xo

  8. Your allotment looks wonderful! I've got a little plot which I mentioned today too! Love growing my own x

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  10. Ah wow this looks amazing! I love this way of living I would love to have an allotment or have a garden to grown things in! Some Day! :) x

  11. Aw it looks like such a great little place!
    We have an apple tree and peach tree and some berry bushes as well. Other than that we used to have our own potatoes!
    But home grown food is just the best food :D

    Christina xx

  12. Yummy! Xxx


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