Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ooh you fruity beauty!

I'm quite taken with this Nspa range that I keep coming across in Asda, let's face it, anything that can make a visit to Asda nice and beneficial has to be a bonus! Add to that they are still on offer for £4 for two products instead of having to pay £3 each. 

The current favourite product from the Nspa range is Bright Pink Grapefruit bath and shower gel. It promises to be "the sunniest, juiciest and tantalising" and it also contains real fruit extracts and natural vitamins for your skin.  To look at the rounded and rather fat bottle is made of a clear plastic material and hosts a pinky coloured flip top lid. Again as before, incorporated into the bottle is a bright white labels made of the same plastic material As the bottle and it is upon this label that you will find all you need to know about the product. 

As the bottle is see through you can see inside that the bath and shower gel is a lovely bright pinky colour, the same colour as you would find the flesh inside a pink grapefruit which immediately catches your attention.  Then as soon as you flip the lid for a smell the one thing you assume it is going to smell of is grapefruit and you won't be disappointed about that because it is exactly what it does smell of and quite strongly too.  So if you are not a fan of grapefruit this might not be the scent for you, but I absolutely love it and it definitely smells good enough to eat although obviously I don't suggest doing that or trying it in that manner! 

So this product can be used as either a shower gel or a bath gel which is really good news for me because I like using it in both ways.  When using it in the bath I would always advise making sure there is a few inches of water in the bath before adding any products be it a Lush Ballistic or a bath gel such as this because it helps the products break up and mix in with the water.  Also as soon as the gel does hit the water the aroma becomes an instant smell and it quickly spreads around the room and then the house and the grapefruit aroma is just as strong outside the bottle as it is in the bottle.  So once in the water the bubbles immediately begin to foam up and considering you don't need to use a lot of this bath gel it is quite surprisingly how well the bubbles do form.  Using this product as a shower gel also produces a similar result, once on your sponge or puff or whatever it is at you use, the later is instantaneous when mixed with water and again the aroma is really noticeable. 

When it comes to the ingredients there is a huge list which can be found on the back of the bottle but for me the main ones to mention are Grapefruit Oil which is full of vitamin C and therefore good for your immune system and on the skin it helps to clear congested oily skin which for me is really helpful.  Secondly there is sunflower oil which hosts really good moisturising properties because it sinks into the skin really easily t keep moisture locked in. Sunflower oil also has a high vitamin E content which is useful for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and similar to grapefruit oil it also has a high vitamin C content as well as vitamin A and D which again are good for your skin and help keep wrinkles and other conditions at bay.  The final ingredient for me to mention is Castor Oil which isn't something you put I your car but is instead an ingredient which helps t cleanse your skin and remove dirt and other impurities that can lead to other skin problems. 

So having tried and tested this product did I like it? I love it. Not only does it smell fantastic and exactly like a grapefruit without any chemical smells being added to it, it leaves my skin smelling wonderful and the aroma lingers for hours after using, it also lathers really well whether in a bath to make bubbles or in the shower to create lather, it does both of those things with no effort on your part. 

This is a product that will continue to be used in my bathroom especially if I find it on offer like I did recently because it is definitely worth it's money and like similar products within the range they leave my skin soft and smooth and smelling wonderfully fruity!


  1. may have to investigate this! I recently picked up a pink grapefruit face wash and I'm smitten, so a shower gel could be ace! xo

  2. That would smell lovely! new follower here. please follow me back :) would mean alot

  3. WISH I had an ASDA near me! I *so* wanna try this range! Sounds lovely :-) xx

    1. Oh no, don't you have one? If they still have the travel sizes, I'll get some and send them to you xx

  4. This sounds lovely!
    I love citrus scents for my morning shower to wake me up!
    Will have to pik one up when im next in Asda x


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