Tuesday, 19 March 2013

You put WHAT in your bath???

Well I do love to take a cup of tea into the bath with me, but this is the ultimate treat! I came across the Whittard of Chelsea Bathtub Teabags via another blog (I am sorry I can’t remember who you are) and I was immediately intrigued and wanted to try them for myself. One eBay purchase later and in my hand I have my very own Bathtub Teabags. Yes you did read that correctly, Whittard, the company who specialise in teas. 

They arrive in a bright pink cardboard piece of packaging. On the front you will find the brand name and the product as well as a huge teacup within which is a relaxed looking lady in a bath, that bath shaped like a teacup. You are then told that within your package you will find four jumbo teabags scented with Lemon Balm and Lavender - can you think of anything more amazing? No? Neither could I. 

Once you open the packaging, inside there are 4 large teabags and to look at, they are exactly that - four large teabags and the aim is simple - “Four jumbo teabags filled with a calming blend of herbal teas and blossoms, scented with lemon balm and lavender” it states quite clearly on the back on the box. 

The contents of the box - you get 4 of these jumbo teabags

To use them it is more than simple:

  • Run a bath to your preferred temperature 
  • Add a bathtub teabag and allow to brew for five minutes 
  • Add one or two persons if so inclined 
  • Lie back, relax and enjoy. 

 So, I ran the bath to my preferred temperature, which is hot and then I placed the Bathtub teabag in the water, went to collect my Kindle, sort my towels out and generally faff about giving the teabag those allotted 5 minutes in the bath to infuse the water. 

The teabag and then shown next to a normal sized teabag

Upon my return, well I wasn’t expecting to find what I did find It looks like someone has weed in my bath, I am not too sure whether or not these photos really show how yellow the water actually was, it wasn’t lemon coloured or lavender coloured for that matter, it looked like a cup of Twinning’s Chamomile tea, but the smell was simply divine. 

So in the water I got, removed the teabag (it sounds seriously weird writing that) and laid back and relaxed and to be honest, it was simply heaven. Anything with lavender in it relaxes me instantly, it is just amazing and I love it as an ingredient, but this was beyond relaxing, it was divine and I could have stayed in the bath all night. 

As you can see from white to well... yellow...

There are quite a few ingredients within this product, more than I was expecting to find:

  • Lemon Balm - On the skin, lemon balm is a great cleanser and it helps to relax and relieve nervous tension and anxiety 
  • Lavender - known for its ability to promote relaxation and relieve nervous tension, anxiety and stress 
  • Valerian Root - not something I have heard of before, so I Googled it to find this:

 “Valerian root is a natural remedy that is used extensively as a sleeping aid; it is strong enough to relax you, but mild enough that it won’t make you feel wiped out the next day. Valerian is a pink or white flowering plant that is native to the grasslands of Europe. Although the plant is thought to have been used medicinally since the second century AD, it came to popularity in Europe in the 17th century, where it was widely used as a treatment for restlessness, headaches and anxiety. Today it is still used for the same purpose, and is sold mainly in capsule of tea bag form. The tea version does have a rather potent flavour that some people do struggle with! But this can be improved very easily by the addition of mint to the tea”. 
Taken from http://www.gnet.org/ease-your-worries-and-drift-off-with-valerian-root/ 

So I am quite fascinated by Valerian Root especially as that extract makes reference to being sold in tea bag form. 

  • Passionflower Leaves - An ingredient which I have come across and again it is known to relieve nervous stress and tension as well as gently relaxing the mind/body to prepare for a more restful nights sleep. 

Having not long been out of the bath, I am more than ready for my bed I am that relaxed. I absolutely loved using this product and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again, though the only place I have found them for sale is on eBay and they can cost anything from £4-£8 depending on the seller. 

There is a note of warning on this box which tells you that this tea contains natural ingredients and it may cause staining on certain materials, hence the reason why you should only allow it to brew for 5 minutes before removing the teabag and then after your bath, thoroughly clean it. I haven’t found any staining on my bath and even after cleaning my bath after use, I can still smell the Lavender scent in my bathroom and on my skin.


  1. It looks like wee but I'm sure you smelt divine. LMAO xx

    1. LOL, it does look like wee but I did smell nice ha xx

  2. These sound fab! Not sure on the colour though haha xx

    1. They are fab, such a weird concept, it is hard not to love them xx

  3. This is different. Colours a little off putting though lol.

    Kate @ sparkle dust (new follower) xx

    1. Colour is off putting definitely, but so worth it xx

  4. Oh wow. That's something! Never heard of these before but makes sense to absorbs those plants extract throught the skin too. You should try valerian leaves too, they make a taste green salad and they are calming for the soul. :) x

    1. They are fab, I am glad I have 3 more to use lol xx

  5. Love bath teabags, little tip is to tie them round the top with a bit of string and joop them over the tap, as its running, you really get a lovely infusion from it. x

  6. This looks amazinnnng! Omg I wanna try so badly now, thanks for the review!


  7. Oooh these look very different!! Would make a lovely gift for a tea lover!

    Not sure about the colour but sounds lovely lol! Would def give them a go!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  8. Hahaha the colour is a bit weird.... But from how you described the smell... I think I would love these too xx

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  10. I have Nominated your blog for the creative blog award check it out here: http://xgardenofedenx.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/thank-you-to-my-lovely-sister-stefi_19.html
    Elle xx

  11. What a strange idea! I'm a big tea drinker so this sort of apples to me.

    I have just discover you blog and I love it and I'm now following you on GCF and shesaidbeauty. It would mean the world to me if you checked out my beauty blog, and if you ,liked it became a member.

    Thanks, Hazel X

  12. What a great post! How original! I'm a little put off by the colour, but if I knew it was doing me good I think I could just about get round it..

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I've just followed you :)


  13. Great review! I would have been put off by the 'wee' looking colour but you've done a fab job of recommending the Bath time Teabags.
    Claire x

  14. ok, I TOTALLY thought these sounded AMAZING, but now I've seen the colour of the bath water, I'm really put off :(

    Emily Jane xo

  15. Wow! Super!
    You have very nice and lovely blog, if you want we can follow each other, if yes let me know! I want it so so much. Greetings from Moscow and nice day!

  16. Wow this sounds absolutely lovely, you totally made me want to buy it !
    I love your blog by the way, I followed you ! Maybe check out my blog and let me know what you think ?

    Charlie xoxo

  17. I've never heard of these before! It really does look like tea after you've 'brewed it'. Xx


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