Sunday, 3 March 2013

Shoes glorious shoes...

I love shoes... naturally shoes and hand bags are big obsessions and as with the post I did on handbags which you can see HERE, I also have a wishlist of shoes that I want and they are done in three separate categories. Starting with Boots:

Shown here are 4 different pairs of black boots.  Now I only ever wear black boots and I am not a fan of Ugg boots, I think they are ugly.  I do however like biker style boots because they go with most things.

Next comes shoes:

Again, as I am flat-footed, I tend to wear flat shoes most of the time.  I do have nice heeled shoes and girly sandles for when I have to wear a dress, but for everyday wear, they are flat shoes and on my wishlist are the 4 listed above, 3 of which are quite similar.

Comfort shoes

I am a recent convert to Converse and Vans, I love them.  It is very rare you will find me in a pair of trainers, I just don't like them and only ever wear them when I am on my allotment and it isn't too muddy, otherwise I am in wellyboots.  Also above are Fit Flops, I rave about these all the time because they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned.  I have had mine for 3 years now and if I could, I would live in them. on earth does anyone ever walk in these shoes?

Whilst looking online for the shoes above, I came across these... the mind simply boggles as to how uncomfortable they must be and how hard they must be to wear, especially the 3rd pair of frightening heeled shoes!

Who else has a shoe wishlist? What sort of shoes would be on it?


  1. Oh my goodness, I don't know how anyone can walk in those shoes... Eek! I wouldn't even be able to stand up let alone walk LOL. I'm like you, I like biker boots, too. xx

  2. OMG that last picture looks very very very painful, eekkkk! You have some fab pics! Love alllll of the pumps!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  3. your right about the last pictures of shoes, how does anyone walk in them?

  4. nice post
    do you want to follow each other?

  5. Love the studded flats, I really want another pair of supegas. They're super comfy :) xx

  6. So many beautiful shoes! but gosh I would have some trouble walking in those last 3!! I just found your blog and absolutely love it, definitely followed you :) x

  7. Love the black boots with the studded cross :) I'm also not a fan of Ugg boots, I've had a real pair and numerous fake pairs over the years and they always end up looking so scruffy and like your walking on the sides of your feet after a while. I've tried on the inverted heel shoes before and couldn't walk two steps in them, definitely not the best choice for a night out I'd be going home in an ambulance with two broken ankles lol x

  8. I love the skull studded flat shoes... I think I need them in my life :) xxx

  9. Oooh you have quite punky taste in shoes, don't you?!

    The last pair are mind boggling - I can't even begin to think how they're possible to walk in!!! I actually think the first pair (the criss crossy ones) would probably be quite comfortable though lol, I'd have to try them of course!

    My taste in shoes is more heels and sparkle! I love Moda In Pelle shoes, Paris Hiltons collection and Ted Baker - ballet flats and EMUs/Uggs have been lifesavers during pregnancy though, as obv heels are not very sensible lol!

    I also quite like knee boots and ankle boots - usually suede ones with kitten heels!


  10. I need to do a shoe wishlist too ! Hopefully I willsoon ! Love your blog ! Follow me ? I will follow back :)

    Sania Xx

  11. Oh Fitflops - I do love those things, they are the most comfortable flipflops EVER.

    I've only discovered Vans in the last couple of months (thanks to buying the Hello Kitty ones in the January sales) and I find them even more comfy than my faithful Chucks, they just don't feel as flat in the foot, and as I have a high arch I find this really beneficial.

  12. Wonderful picks! x

    <3 Melissa

  13. I LOVE the converse! Those last pics look painful.

    Following you via Monday beauty blog hop


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