Sunday, 17 March 2013

BLOOMING HELL - whiff that!

Look at that, the blooming man in your life has left the toilet seat up again. And he's blooming well dropped his dirty towels on the floor. He's also squeezed the blooming toothpaste from the top. Oh, and aren't those blooming underpants behind the door? Never mind, at least you can enjoy a reviving shower with this floral cleanser. Heavens, he's only gone and blooming used it all to wash himself.... 

It states on the back of my current favourite body cleanser from Anatomicals aptly named "You need a blooming shower! Your nose smells rose". Again it is the descriptions and details about these products which make me cackle and they do make a fabulous gift, especially if you get It just right. 

This product came to me in last months Glossybox, which I did a blog post on HERE and at 150ml or 5 fl oz whichever way you prefer to look at it. Again the packaging is quite quirky and very tongue in cheek being bright pink in colour for the main part of the tube and the flip top lid is a bright yellow colour and it definitely stands out in your bathroom on a dull and dreary morning, even with your eyes half closed because you would rather be in bed, you can spot this item. 

Once you flip the lid of the tube and inhale, the first thing to hit you is the smell of roses, it is one of the most wonderful smells in the world, you could almost be walking through an English Country Garden it is so fresh smelling and there is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Add to the rose scent a very slight hint of jasmine which is really hard to detect. Once you squeeze out some of the shower gel, you will notice that it is a slightly pinky colour, it isn't quite clear because there is a hint of colour, but once in the shower the scent of this body cleanser for me really comes alive and the fresh roses smell because more fragrant. Once on your sponge, loofah or whatever it is you use to wash yourself, the first thing to note is that it doesn't create a huge amount of lather, there is some lather but it isn't huge, perhaps because it doesn't contain SLS which is used to formulate foam in products, there is also a note on the back of the tube that this product is a paraban free formula. That aside, the lather it does create is really smooth and as you apply it to your body again that scent of roses is now more noticeable than ever and as with any shower gel, you simply wash your body with it. I haven't used it on my face because I would never normally use a shower gel on my face. 

Once out of the shower, again the scent is still really noticeable and my skin is lovely and soft to the touch. A few hours after using this product you can still smell the rose scent, it is still really fragrant and noticeable and someone actually asked me if I had had roses in the office because there was a wonderful smell of them in the air and when I replied 'No it is my shower gel' they looked at me in disbelief, so I pointed it out to them online and I am guessing she went to purchase some for herself as she was so impressed. 

 As with most products there is a huge ingredients list which can be found on the back of the tube, or should you purchase this product in a shop, it actually comes in the form of a pump action bottle rather than a tube, as per the picture shown above. Other than the fresh scent of roses which speaks for itself in how fragrant it is, the only other ingredient worthy of a mention is jasmine which is deeply relaxing and calming and is said to tone dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin which for me is really good news because in certain areas I have dry skin whilst in others my skin is more sensitive and greasy, so it helps combat all those issues at once. Jasmine also helps to increase the skins elasticity and is often used in products to assist with stretch marks and to reduce scarring. 

I have to say that I have been really impressed with all of the Anatomicals products that I have used to date, If it hadn't been for Glossybox I probably wouldn't have ever come across them. I love their quirky, brightly coloured packaging and the descriptions, which make me giggle every time I use them are simply brilliant. I also think that these products are fantastic quality and really affordable at around £3 a bottle depending on where you purchase them from. You can buy Anatomicals products from places like Amazon, John Lewis and more recently I have seen them on the shelves of some big supermarkets such as Morrisons and Sainsbury's. 

 I am now wanting to try even more products from this range and have my eye on quite a few different ones that have stood out to me when I have looked at them. A great range of products at affordable prices which are quirky, funny and mildly amusing and sarcastic are perfect for me.


  1. That looks so good! I love the smell of roses:-)

    Mattie xo

  2. That sounds amazing!Can't wait to try this out!

  3. I'm yet to try mine out and you have just reminded me that mine is still sitting in my gloosy box! I really need to start using up all my products, my house is starting to look alot like Boots! LOL ;)

  4. I love shower products (even though we only have a bath). I think I may pick one of these up ready for when we go on holiday as you make it sound so fab :D

    Thanks for sharing.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. It is the smell that is so lovely, so fresh and of course it is funny xx

  5. I LOVE Anatomicals! They've actually overtaken Soap & Glory for me, I love the packaging and I've yet to try a product I don't like!!

    This looks lovely!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. I'm liking them too... I have 3 facemasks too try too xx

  6. I love this packaging its so cute!


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