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Yes! Nurse Hand cream

Yes! Nurse! is a hand cream which comes with the slogan "Say hello to your hand's new best friend" and it's a hand-cream which promises to be non-greasy, super hydrating and protection for your hands. 

In my time I have tried hundreds of hand creams, I have an allotment and that can take it toll on your skin as you work away digging, weeding and clearing. At work I am often working with printers and the ink and paper are drying on your hands and I find the palms of my hands can become really dry. The change in weather also affects my hands and I find in colder weather I am applying more hand-cream throughout the day and in my bag you are likely to find Hand Food by Soap and Glory but come to my office and there is a Vaseline Hand Cream and an Aveeno one, just so I don't run out. All of these products are really good, keep my hands as soft as they can and to help things along I use a hand and nail scrub from Yes To Carrots, which I reviewed HERE

Yes! Nurse Hand cream

Yes! Nurse! is said to be a trusted and favoured brand of hand cream by nurses across the country because it offers a 24 hour super moisturiser and will give visible results after just one day, which I think is a massive claim to be making and one that I am willing to take on and put to the challenge. 

The tube itself is bright white in colour and is made of plastic and is very similar in style to the Vaseline hand cream that I have on my desk. It features an almost clear twist on and off lid and on the tube you will find the word 'Yes' written in white lettering in a green circle which stands out and above that are the words 'Protect your lovely hands' in black lettering and you are also told that this hand cream is dermalogically tested. On the back of the tube you are told that this hand cream was designed with nurses in mind and there is also some instructions on how to use it, which I found really helpful. 

Outside of the tube the hand cream is a creamy colour, it isn't the bright white which I was expecting it to be and the fragrance is really lovely, it is quite fruity but you can also tell that it contains almond oil and because I tend to always look at the ingredients list of any beauty product (Infact anything I use, even food) I like to look them up and read more about them, especially if I have never heard of them. With this hand-cream I was more than happy with the main ingredients. 

So to the ingredients list and the first one you come across is:
  • +15 Mankua Honey which is used to soothe and hydrate your skin throughout the day. 
  • Sweet Almond Oil which is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth and it is also no-greasy. 
  • Wheatgerm Oil which has a high vitamin E content and therefore helps to protect and repair your skin. 
  • Passion Fruit Seed Oil comes next and it is helps calm and soothe the skin as well as moisturising and hydrating properties. 
  • Pomegranate Seed oil comes next and on your skin it helps to soften and soothe and nourish your skin. It is also said to provide relief for skin which is cracked, dry and irritated. 
  • Aloe Vera also makes an appearance and again, this has become one of my favourite ingredients because it is so good at soothing irritated skin. 
  • The final ingredient to mention is White Willow Bark Extract which I have come across once and in a product like this one it helps to cleanse the skin as well as act as a moisturiser. So putting all of those together it does sound as though you are going to be left with soft, smooth hands.
Yes! Nurse Hand cream

When it comes to using this hand cream, the claims are that this unique formula is designed to to help your hands and to get the maximum benefit you should apply it 2-3 times a day. So massage a pea sized amount into your hands for at least 30 seconds per hand and work the formula into your problematic areas with a little more attention and if necessary a little more cream. Then around mid-day repeat the same action ensuring that your hands get a good coverage of the cream and the final action you need to take is just before bed time when you top up your skin with the final application of cream for the day and in doing so, whilst you sleep, you are giving your skin time to replenish lost oils from your hands as well as soothing any irritations. 

So having used this hand cream since my Hand Food ran out in October, (though it arrived in my beauty box in April last year) the tube being 50ml fits nicely into your coat pocket or handbag without taking up too much space and retails at £5.49 per tube and it does last a really long time, I had been using it every day, not first thing in the morning because I am too forgetful but at lunchtime and in an evening and it has just run out, so lasting just over 3 months is quite remarkable. However, you can also subscribe to this hand cream and have it delivered to your home/work every month or every other month, an idea which I really like and would love to do, but I like trying new products too much to sign up. However, if you are interested you can find more about them HERE.

Once on your skin, this cream absorbs itself into your skin and as you massage the cream into and onto your hands you can smell the fruity fragrance and the sweetness of the almond oil much more clearly. As soon as you stop massaging your hands, the first thing you notice is how soft and smooth your skin immediately is. Its rare that it happens with a hand cream, usually they sink in and some leave a greasy feel and some disappear without a trace, this one, whilst not visible nor greasy, sinks into your skin and when you re-apply it a few hours later, your hands are still soft and smooth and you can still smell the sweet fragrance. 

As for the claims it made. Well I have to admit it does live up to them, this is without doubt one of the best hand-creams that I have ever tried. Your hands are soft and smooth after using, it does soothe dry and irritated skin, particularly for me on my knuckles and the palms of my hands and using it as often as I have done has made a lot of difference to my hands, even one of my volunteers mentioned how soft my hands were just yesterday. 

I would most definitely buy this hand-cream again without hesitating simply because it does what it says it will do and it has such a lovely aroma and for £5.49 per 50ml tube it is a bargain. I just like trying new products too much to subscribe to it, but have already bought another tube online and am awaiting its arrival.


  1. I was actually looking for a good hand cream! Think you have twisted my arm, I shall now be forced to buy this. Thank you ;)

    I've just done a new photography post, wanted to know if you guys like them and if you wanna see more, would you have a look and let me know?

  2. This sounds lovely. I have an obsession with hand creams and I think this will be my next one.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  3. I'm not really one for hand creams but this does sound nice.
    The subscription aspect certainly sounds interesting and unusual!


    1. I think it is lovely and the subscription aspect of it certainly is appealing xx

  4. This sounds great! I'm a loyal hand food but I might give it a try! Xxx

  5. This hand cream sounds amazing. I have chronic dry hands (germophobe here, I'm continually sanitizing/washing lol), so I'm always on the hunt for a good hand cream. Great review!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

    1. If you ever purchase it, let me know what you think xx


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