Thursday, 14 February 2013

What is in my bag??

I have seen quite a lot of these posts - "What's in my bag?", so I thought it would be quite fun to do one myself and see what I do actually carry around with me in my bag.

I have three different bags that I use from day-to-day. depending on where I am going to be and what office I am working from, the bag changes.  I have a large fossil satchel style bag which can carry my iPad with ease, an across body Osprey bag which houses my Kindle and the bag shown below which is a sort of everyday work bag.  In each bag I have essential items - hand-cream, perfume, lip balm, mascara, tissues and so on, just so that should I suddenly decide to swap bags, I don't have to worry that I might have forgotten something important.  That way, the only thing I need to remember are - keys, iPhone, purse, glasses, oyster card and myself.

What's in My Bag

Well it turns out that I carried much more than I thought I did and no wonder my bag is so heavy!  So starting with:

1) My Radley Handbag - I have had this bag for about 3 years and I love it.  I bought it in a sale at TK Maxx for £20, yes you read that right, it was reduced from £109 to £20 and at the time I really didn't need a new bag, but, it came with a lovely bright pink dust bag and was £20, probably the best bargain bag I have ever bought.  Sadly, it is now beginning to show some wear and tear and I need a new one.

2) My Purse - This is my everyday day to day purse and again it is from TK Maxx and it was a present about 3 years ago for my birthday and I definitely need a new purse, I found a split at the side of this one, so for weeks I have been trawling the t'interweb and haven't found a single one I like *sad face*

3) Morrocanoil 25ml - I won this sample via The daily Telegraph Christmas Draw and it only arrived a few weeks ago at work, so it has been in my bag ever since and I haven't used it.

4) Kindle Fire HD - the love of my life (well almost) it comes with me everywhere and I love, love, love it. I am a total bookworm anyway and am totally lost without it.

5) Rimmel Glam'eyes Day 2 Night mascara - I really like this mascara, it goes on easy and two separate brushes which you use for day or night depending on how thick and long you want your lashes.  The daytime brush is quite thin and the night time one is quite thick.

6) Thick & fast by Soap & Glory - this is am emergency mascara that I shoved in my bag this morning because I couldn't find the Rimmel one and I haven't used it yet.

7) Neutrogena hand cream - I always have hand-cream in my handbag, this one just so happens to be the smallest one I have to carry around.  On my desk is Soap & Glory Hand-food. I quite like this hand-cream  it has a nice thick texture to it and I tend to apply it when I am on route to work.

8) Camera - I never go anywhere without my camera, even though I have a camera on my iPhone.  It is always fully charged and ready to go no matter where I am or what I am doing. My Camera is a Fujifilm Finepix.

9) Nivea Pearl deodorant - Travel sized and I tend to have something like this with me all the time incase I am travelling around London all day.  The last thing I want is to feel hot and sweaty.

10) M&S Blush perfume - A gift from a volunteer of mine at Christmas and it smells really lovely.  Again it is easy to carry around and something I wear most days if I forget to use my favourite Bvlgari Rose in a morning.  If I don't need the M&S one, I tend to leave it in my desk drawer.

11) Vaseline Pink Champagne lip balm - I am not a massive fan of Vaseline for my lips, I find it too greasy, but I do like the smell of this one and it is great for using on chapped skin, especially on my elbows which are really dry at the minute.

12) BeneFit Hoola - the best bronzing powder that I have ever used. I love it and I got this brand new, still wrapped off eBay for £5 making it a total bargain. I am yet to find a bronzer that is better.

13) Bronzer Brush - this item comes from Boots and cost me 50p about 5 years ago (the sticker is still on it oops) and it is so easy to use I love it.

14) Kleenex Tissues - Another item I never travel without.  You just never know when you are going to need them.

15) Carmex Moisture Stick - I was given this for free in Camden about 6 months ago and use it quite a lot.

16) MEMEME Flawless Face Powder - I like this because it covers my t-zone if I am feeling a little oily and I carry it around because it also has a mirror on the inside of it.  My usual foundation is 'Hello Flawless' by BeneFit which is my current must have.  I tend to chop and change with foundations and have never really found one that I am 100% happy with.

17) Touche Eclat - A product that I cannot live without.  Again it comes with me everywhere, if the dark circles start to show, it comes out. Ive been using Touche Eclat for about 4 years now and it is one item that I am happy to keep using.

The one item which isn't showing in the picture is my Denman hairbrush, again, one in each handbag, all different sizes.  So as well as keys and iPhone this is the content of my handbag!


  1. Wow, none of my bags last more than six months, thanks to how I treat them. Mine are crammed with mascara, concealer, lippy, compact, moisturiser, primer, comb, lip balm, a brolly, books, my purse, tissues, my pocket diary, a few pens, a couple of shells I picked up on the beach...right, I'll stop now as this is embarrassing!
    Love this post and following your blog :)

  2. Great post! I love having a nose at bag posts!
    And OMG what a bargain, £20 for a Radley bag!!!!!!


  3. Oooooo your handbag and contents is certainly one I would want!



  4. I can't believe how cheap your bag was! Such a bargain!

  5. I'm so nosy!! Really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow my blog. I'm already a follower of yours and really love reading! :) I really want to try Hoola out!

  6. Thanks for adding my button! Just added yours to my blog :) xx

  7. Love these posts! Glad you carry as much round as I do! ;) xx

  8. You carry loads lol xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  9. I love these kinds of posts, thanks for doing one so I can be nosy! lol I'm just gonna have to give in and buy that Touche Eclat, I've heard way too many good things about it. :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  10. £20 what a bargain... !!
    Very different to what I have in my bag...hahaha
    I will have to do a post on Kiki Lala of what Lala has in hers and what I have in mine ;) xx

  11. Great post! I've got the same deodorant as you :) by the way I'm your new follower!

  12. I love my kindle! I wish my bag was this organised - I just throw in whatever lip product I'm wearing and go x

  13. I love your bag it's so lush

  14. I'm really nosy and I love these types of posts - it always makes me feel better about what I carry around in my own bag! I never carry a book or my kindle with me though as I drive everywhere and sadly don't really get the opportunity to read when I'm out and about (although when the rare occasion does come up I regret it! Luckily I have the kindle app on my phone as a back up!)

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

    1. I kinda felt I should do this as I had read so many posts and enjoyed them xx

  15. I love this post! I keep meaning to post mine (took the pic weeks ago!) I love your bag and the bright pink kindle cover! <3 xx

  16. Such good mascaras


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