Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Every girl needs a Hermès...

I love handbags... seriously love them.  I can spend hours of my day just looking at handbags and making a list of all the ones I really want, from the most expensive right down to one off eBay that has caught my attention.

Here is a collection of some of my 'current' favourite handbags, I say current, because it changes daily:

Across the top going from Left to Right we have - Jane Shilton Antwerp £75 | Julian MacDonald Dark Peach Mock Croc Padlock Tote Bag £55|Skull handbag £17

In the Middle is the bag of all bags, the Hermès Birkin Bag.  I love this handbag, the actual colour if my favourite colour of a Birkin Bag, I just want it and will never ever be able to buy one, though I have thought about selling an organ or maybe a limb (not really).  But they cost alot...

Then across the bottom we have - John Rocha Dark Turquoise Stitch Detail Leather Tote Bag  £89 | OllieandNic pink tote bag £165 | 

Red Herring Coral Zip Front Shoulder Bag £35

I do seriously need to look at handbags and get myself a new one for work which can house my Kindle, my iphone, my purse (though I also need a new one of these as mine is beginning to split), my 2 sets of keys, my make-up bag, some perfume, hand-cream and some tissues.  

The searching continues...

Do you have a favourite handbag? Is there a handbag you really want?


  1. My standard 'work' handbag is the Radley A4 Clarissa bag, but I do need something bigger than my Fossil cross-body bag for social occasions.

    Hubz is buying me a Cambridge Satchel for my birthday and I can't wait to get it.

  2. There's a bag on eBay I've had my eye on, it's another skull one with the bandana thing on it, think it is from the same seller. That red one is gorgeous too!

  3. I want all of these handbags on your post there all gorgeous!! (might have to do some sweet talking to the other half!!!)

    1. Ha, tell me about it, there are so many others I want too xx

  4. The Birkin is gorgeous! I love the colour!!

    I did a post of my bag wishlist here if you're interested...http://photo-jenn-ic.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/bag-wishlist.html

  5. I adore all these dear! So pretty! I am currently on a hunt for a new bag and I have no idea where to search! :))


  6. These are all gorgeous!! I have the same problem as you trying to fit a kindle, phone, keys etc and finding one which zips up so my stuff is safe. my current bag is from ice jewellery, its great value and I've had so many complements!!


    1. OOh Ice Jewellery, never heard of them, will look them up xx

  7. Loving the OllieandNic pink tote bag, the Hermès Birkin Bag in the middle is stunning; with you not claiming a price I'm sure my only way of getting one is to win it in a competition :D You never know!
    Thanks for sharing x

    1. Ha the Birkin bag can cost anywhere between £3k and £100k!! xx

  8. Ooooh bags! I LOVE the Ollie and Nic and the Red Herring one!


  9. Oh how I would love to add a Birkin bag to my collection! I am the EXACT same way with bags, they are a major weakness of mine! lol I just recently picked up a beauty that I've been coveting for a loooong time, it'll be on my blog soon. ;) Great post!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  10. Oh I have such a 'thing' for handbags. I recently cleared out some very old ones, so I'm trying to convince myself they don't need replacing! The Ollie and Nic one is gorgeous though :)

    Rachel x


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